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Atlus Details Classic Mode in The Dark Spire

Atlus detailed the classic mode in its upcoming first-person dungeon crawler, The Dark Spire. In many ways, the game is a trip down memory lane for fans of the genre, but Atlus has taken things one step further by completely changing the game’s look and feel. Instead of rich and vibrant colors, classic mode will feature low-res sprites and wire frame visuals. The music will also be replaced with retro bleeps and bloops that, as Atlus says, “The game is, for all intents and purposes, a love letter to those classic first-person dungeon crawlers of old: TITLE OMITTED FOR LEGAL REASONS, TITLE OMITTED FOR LEGAL REASONS, and TITLE OMITTED FOR LEGAL REASONS.”

Hit the jump to see exactly what the game looks like in both forms.

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The Dark Spire Gets Goodies

Atlus has been handing out goodies left and right lately and the upcoming release of The Dark Spire┬áis no exception. Fans who pre-order the game will get a bonus soundtrack. Since the game features two play modes, “contemporary” and “retro,” each of which will have its own music, the soundtrack will feature a mix of both and will include 24 tracks. Continue reading ‘The Dark Spire Gets Goodies’ »

Atlus Announces a New Game, Delays a Few, Fights Self-Aware Super Computer

Atlus has had plenty of announcements in the past day with some good news and bad. For starters, there is a new DS game on the horizon. Titled Dokapon Journey, up to four players can join in on what can best be described as a hybrid between a board game and RPG. It’s all about competition, so playing dirty and finishing a friend’s fight to steal the experience points is all part of the strategy.

Since the game is most fun with multiple people, there are some nice features to help things along. There is built-in AI for solo gaming, and Dokapon Journey features single-cart multiplayer, so four people can play on just one copy of the game. It’s rated E10 for everyone ten and above, and it will hit shelves April 14.

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Atlus Unveils The Dark Spire

Atlus just announced, The Dark Spire, a new first-person RPG for the DS. The game features two different modes of play. One is more modern with stylized textures and palettes, and the other is a more classic style that resembles the earliest first-person games from the genre.

The Dark Spire chronicles the adventures of a group as they try to conquer the powerful Archmage Tyrhung in his tower to get their hands on his most precious treasure, a jewel of unrivaled value and power.

Fans looking for something in the vein of Etrian Odyssey can look for The Dark Spire on March 10 of next year for $29.99.