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Nintendo Announces Contest for Zelda Flipnotes

As part of their Zelda 25th Anniversary celebration, Nintendo has announced an unusual fan contest based on flipnote submissions: short Zelda-themed animations made either on paper or with the DSi’s Flipnote Studio. Contest winners will be examined by key Nintendo staffers – Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma were specified – and added to the Zelda anniversary website, which is being set up here.

Submissions must be in by September 9.

Source: 1UP

Game Changers: Volume 9 – The Legend of Zelda

The year is 1987. The Nintendo Entertainment System is quickly becoming a household name. Most players have hopped and warped their way through Super Mario Bros., killed entire flocks of ducks in Duck Hunt, and probably taken more than a few potshots at that infernal dog that had a good laugh at you whenever you missed — man’s best friend indeed! Most NES-playing children were, by this point, pestering parents for new challenges. And for those who’d cut their teeth on the side-scrolling Super Mario, nothing could be more different than The Legend of Zelda. Continue reading ‘Game Changers: Volume 9 – The Legend of Zelda’ »