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The World Ends With You Released for iOS

With the aforementioned countdown coming a close, the news is out that The World Ends With You will be getting an iOS version, subtitled Solo Remix. Curiously, this was leaked before the countdown had finished, by way of an accidental e-shop listing for the soundtrack. Hopes for a sequel remain tragically unfulfilled for now.

The port itself is available now, priced at ¥2000/$19.99 on iPad and ¥1800/$17.99 on iPhone. New music is included in the game, alongside arranged tracks from Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Source: Andriasang

Square Enix Launches Teaser Site; Possible TWEWY Sequel

The latest tease circling the web is that The World Ends With You may be getting a sequel. Square Enix has launched an unspecified teaser site, on which is a countdown clock that rolls over on Monday the 26th. What may link the two is the phrase “Subaseka,” a possible shorthand for the Japanese title of TWEWY.

Naturally this is just a guess until told otherwise, but Square Enix did indicate the game in question would feature character designs from Tetsuya Nomura and Gen Kobayashi. Nomura also previously indicated the series had a future when asked about TWEWY cameos in Kingdom Hearts 3D.

For the curious, the teaser site is located here.

Source: Andriasang

Nomura Hints at More TWEWY

In a recent interview regarding Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Tetsuya Nomura dropped a few stronger-than-average hints that there may be more The World Ends With You to come. In particular he said the character Rhyme, who had only reaction voices with no actual dialogue in TWEWY, was given voice casting for KH3D “out of consideration for the future of The world Ends With You series.” Nomura ended the interview by adding that, “Regarding The World Ends With You, I can’t say anything at present… but there probably is something.”

Source: Andriasang

KH 3D Gets New World, Surprise Cameo

A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance from TGS was chock full of new details. First and foremost, a new world for the Kingdom Hearts universe has been announced: Notre Dame. The trailer shows Riku with Quasimodo telling him he also wants to fight.

The trailer also had another unexpected twist; it shows Sora meeting Neku Sakaraba, the protagonist of The World Ends With You, in Twilight Town. Previously, characters in Kingdom Hearts have come in one of three origins: Kingdom Hearts itself, Disney, and various Final Fantasy games. This marks the first time someone from another Square Enix game has made an appearance. Hit the jump to see the trailer for yourself.

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The World Ends with You – Staff Review #2

Finding himself wandering around the streets of Shibuya, Neku notices that something is amiss. For starters, he receives an ominous email that he can’t delete. He doesn’t remember who he is, and none of the people in the crowded intersection seem aware of his presence. Not only that, he can read their thoughts using a strange pin he has with him. Strange invisible walls, cloaked figures, and weird monsters only add to the confusion. As much as he may dislike other people, he needs answers. Whether he likes it or not, he runs into another person in much the same situation he’s in, and she seems to have a better grasp on what’s going on. Continue reading ‘The World Ends with You – Staff Review #2’ »

The World Ends With You – Staff Review

Neku Sakuraba is a boy with a bit of a problem. He just woke up in the Shibuya’s scramble crossing, the busiest street crossing in the entire world, and he has no idea how he got there. In fact, he doesn’t remember anything other than his name. His only clue is a strange black pin with a skull on it. It’s not much to go on, and before he can figure things out, he is bombarded by peoples’ thoughts. Neku doesn’t even like other people, and yet, now he can hear everything they are thinking. If things weren’t going badly enough, he also got the strangest text message on his phone. “Get to 104. Fail and face erasure.” Despite his best efforts, Neku is unable to delete what is obviously some crazy spam message. And that’s when the frogs started attacking him. This is not a good day at all. In fact, it’s leading up to be a bad week. Continue reading ‘The World Ends With You – Staff Review’ »

The World Ends With You – Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart

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