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What Happened This Week – War By Other Means

If covering the news has taught me anything, it’s that companies would openly shoot at each other Syndicate-style if only they could get away with it. Anyway, welcome back, on this lovely evening before E3 kicks off! Here’s what’s happening:

  • Silicon Knights loses in their lawsuit against Epic, and then loses the countersuit for damages.  Expect Denis Dyack to insist that Too Human will continue… somehow.
  • Epic, by the way, rescued members of Big Huge Games, rolling them into a new studio and tasking them with another fantasy action-RPG.  Talk about paying it forward.
  • Meanwhile, Activision settles out of court with West and Zampella, thus freeing Activision to keep making Call of Duty and spying on its own people.  “But the future refused to change…”
  • CD Projekt reveals their non-Witcher property: Cyberpunk.  Apparently that’s the title of a pen-and-paper game easily confused with Shadowrun.
  • Nintendo hosts a pre-E3 video demonstration showing off the Wii U… the exact same aspects we saw last year.  Oh, and a classic-style controller and Nintendo-centric social network.
  • E3 predictions: Nintendo needs to have some game demos ready, Sony’s going to spin like an overclocked centrifuge, and Microsoft will be my cue to go get a drink.
  • A Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer is mistaken for FFXV, Sony may have picked up Gaikai for PSN-related announcements, and more!


Are you ready?

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What Happened This Week – Putting the Band Back Together

If life in the retail trenches has taught me anything, it’s that those jobs are really more precautionary prison sentences. True, there’s no cell and there aren’t as many gang fights, but it’s a stain on your past nonetheless, and the longer you stay in the harder it is to get out.

This depressing thought brought to you in part by nostalgia, for which I have that April Fools’ burst of Toonami to thank. Damn but that was good teevee. Anyhow, here’s the news:

  • GAME exits administration, having found a buyer crazy enough willing to take on its debts.
  • Sega, by contrast, announces a sizable drawdown in operations due to an income shortfall.  Basically, don’t expect Valkyria Chronicles 3 in English anytime soon.  Or ever.
  • Meanwhile, Denis Dyack alternates between reassuring people that Too Human is still a thing, and warning that used games will crash the industry and kill your family in their sleep.
  • EVE Online‘s developer partners with Nvidia to offer select video cards for virtual currency.  I’d love to hear Paul Krugman’s take on this.
  • Brian Fargo speaks out on the lopsided balance of power between publishers and developers.  A lengthy interview on RipTen, but a good one: read it all here.
  • Obsidian joins forces with inXile to help develop Wasteland 2, pending a Kickstarter goal of 2.1 million.  So, when I write the check for all of my money, which of you do I make it payable to?
  • An OMGpop developer explains why he balked at Zynga’s offer, Michael Pachter disregards a silly PS4 rumor, gets a facelift, and more!

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What Happened This Week – Groupon to Buy Britannia Manor

November is upon us, as is daylight savings time for those of us that practice it for some reason. I, for one, look forward to driving to and from work in perpetual darkness, only occasionally seeing sunlight through the office windows.

Let us proceed with the news, which includes the following:

  • Groupon goes public, setting records not seen since Google’s IPO. Of course, it’s only been one day and doubts persist about the company’s long-term growth prospects, but I’m sure it will all work out just fine. (Note: I’m not a financial expert and my opinions should not be construed as advice.)
  • Silicon Knights sees substantial layoffs, reaffirming what happens when you fail to make Technoviking: The Game look interesting.
  • Richard Garriott warns that Blizzard “needs to watch out for the Zyngas of the world.” Yeah, I’m sure they’re quivering behind the giant forts they’ve constructed purely out of money.
  • Grand Theft Auto V finally launches its official trailer, with not a single carjacking or crazy stunt in sight. I’ll bet Pepperidge Farm remembers when GTA games were fun.
  • In truly unexpected news, GameStop plans to sell tablet PCs in stores. Preorder yours today for bonus exclusive DLC for Microsoft Office!
  • Ultima takes a long, strange trip into BioWare, Spike TV’s VGA includes games that aren’t out yet, we learn the terrible secret of Bro Con, and more!

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Too Human Only Mostly Dead, Says Developer

In case you missed it on What Happened This Week, Too Human – intended to be a trilogy of techno-Norse mythology – is still on Silicon Knights’ to-do list.  Since its launch, Too Human has been the subject of ongoing litigation between the developer and Epic Games, who licensed the Unreal engine upon which the game is based.  However, a recent interview with SK president Denis Dyack confirmed that they plan to finish the series, though no further comment was given at the time.

Source: Industry Gamers

What Happened This Week – This Belongs in a Museum

How’s things, everybody?  It’s that time again, time to pick back up Valkryia Chronicles 2 and prepare my New Vegas dude for the next batch of DLC.  But before we do that, join me as we discuss the news and celebrate my favorite British Let’s Player getting his very own fanart.  In this week’s headlines:

  • Yeah, more lolSony: SOE goes offline, still more personal data is compromised, and congressional testimony reveals uncomfortable information about Sony’s security.
  • Friendly reminder: SOE laid off hundreds back in March, and our poor economy is literally driving people insane.  Just saying.
  • Too Human is still on the agenda for Silicon Knights, and Dyack still blames the mess on Epic.  Technoviking is not convinced.
  • Ubisoft is launching a movie/TV studio.  That faint screaming you hear is me, as the act of typing that made me remember it.
  • The Smithsonian tallies the votes on their Art of Videogames Exhibition.  I give my reactions to some of the picks.  Check out the whole list here.
  • NPD speaks on the mobile games market, 1UP gets picked up by IGN, and I nostalgia like it’s 1993.

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Norse Gods Rock Out

Silicon Knights announced today that the soundtrack for Too Human is now avialable for purchase on, iTunes, and It features twenty tracks that range from orchestral to electronic/metal and is available for a recommended retail price of $15.98.

Too Human – Staff Review

It is a story for the ages, repeated in mead halls and around campfires for generations. It is the story of one who ascends to near-godhood on the driving forces of hype. His armor gleams like the luster of filtered screenshots. His voice resounds with the thunder of a thousand preview trailers. At the pinnacle of his glory, the world holds its breath and waits for his first majestic assault. Continue reading ‘Too Human – Staff Review’ »

Too Human – Screenshots

Too Human – Screenshots

Too Human – Screenshots

Source: Dengeki

Too Human – Screenshots

Source: Famitsu

Norse Gods Return to Europe This August

Europeans who’ve been hoping to get some cybernetic Norse-themed action can rejoice! Microsoft announced today that Europe will be getting Too Human for the Xbox 360 on August 29 — just ten days after its release in North America.

Too Human – Screenshots

Too Human – Screenshots, Artwork

Too Human – Screenshots, Artwork

Too Human – Screenshots

Too Human – Screenshots, Artwork

Too Human – Screenshots

Source: Famitsu

Too Human – Screenshots, Artwork

Too Human Offers Pre-Order In-Game Goodies

If you’re planning on picking up Too Human, pre-ordering will net you some extras. Microsoft’s gaming blog has announced that those who pre-order at participating retailers will receive five exclusive sets of armor that can be equipped by the game’s characters. The armor can be cutomized as it has two slots for use with the game’s rune system.

Too Human will hit store shelves August 19 in the US. It’s expected to see world-wide release soon after that.