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August Podcast Omake: Gone With the Belchwave

Let the outtakes commence! Fresh from our last Radio Free Jeuno and Better Know a Dev Team podcasts, we’ve got a pile of audio goofs and silly antics that didn’t quite make the cut. Nerdboy once again instructs us on the proper way to spell tri-Ace, we find out why people ever bother singing in the first place, and good times are had by all. Enjoy!

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NPCast 13: tri-Ace, Not to be Confused with tri-Crescendo

This week’s podcast features Nerdboy, CactuarJoe, and SlayerGhaleon talking about tri-Ace, the company that created Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, and Radiata Stories. This podcast was actually recorded last week, but it took us a long time to upload all the awesomeness to our server. Enjoy!

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