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Yasumi Matsuno Signs On With Level 5

Coming from Famitsu is the news that Yasumi Matsuno, the creative brains behind Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics (among others), has been hired by Level 5. Akihiro Hino, the company’s founder and president, personally invited the former Square Enix designer, and Hino commented that “it won’t take two years or so for the next Matsuno project to come out.” No specific remarks were made about any titles in development.

Source: 1UP

Vagrant Story Hitting PAL Playstation Network

Square Enix has announced that the PSOne title Vagrant Story is coming to the Playstation Network in Europe. Pricing is set at €5.99, with a release date of December 22.

Vagrant Story is the Next Thing Japan Gets First

PSOne-era adventure/RPG Vagrant Story has just been re-released on the Playstation Store in Japan. For 600 yen, players can relive the glory days of Ashley Riot, an impractically dressed man’s man tasked with exploring a ruined city, forging his own weapons, and stacking lots and lots of crates.

Source: Siliconera