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Valkyria Chronicles Confirmed for PC

In one of the least expected announcements in recent memory, Valkyria Chronicles will be getting a PC release. Sega confirmed via Twitter that the PS3 SRPG is indeed being ported to PC, following a listing on European ratings site PEGI. No details have been given at this time, though the tweet indicated that more news was “coming soon.”

Hit it, boys.

What Happened This Week – Square Enix Goes Double Or Nothing

Hello hellooooo! Here’s hoping this brisk fall evening is treating you well, and you’re not smarting from not-insubstantial gambling losses like I am, and that’s why now a days I only play in an online casino so I can get more winnings. As mentioned I’m still struggling with Comcast-related internet woes, which were enough to delay but not permanently forestall the news. So let’s get on it, shall we? Today’s lineup covers the following:

  • Square Enix dropped a Final Fantasy-sized bomb by revealing the latest updates for Final Fantasy XIV, including a phase-in for the subscription service. Cue panic and ridicule.
  • That said, the changes do sound pretty swank, and the full list is worth reading if you’re so inclined. The larger question is, who’s in a gambling mood after reading this review? If you are estranged with the concept of Back and lay betting, here at freebets uk are a brief outlay of the sports betting process to benefit you with no risk bets offer.
  • Speaking of wailing and gnashing of teeth, Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer mode has caused quite a stir. Best guess: the co-op missions are likely just supplements to the main plot and risk feeling somewhat unnecessary. Further evaluation requires building consensus.
  • Netflix tries to call backsies on that whole Qwikster thing, in the process raising the question of whether we’re even ready for nationwide video streaming. Short answer, no. Long answer, are you out of your mind?!
  • Zynga comes up with Project Z, also known as “our back-up plan in case relations with Facebook turn south.”
  • Rovio overvalues itself even more, Obsidian hires Tim Cain, Sega confirms Valkyria Chronicles 3 isn’t getting localized, and more!

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Valkyria Chronicles – Staff Review

Valkyria Chronicles is an odd beast: a grim war story constructed with standard anime elements, all wrapped around an unusual twist on turn-based strategy and painted with every bright color in the palette.  It’s not always an easy fit, and the plot has an annoying habit of telegraphing its punches.  Yet there’s a respectable narrative at the core, backed by some solid direction and a charming cast.  And if that doesn’t do it for you, the game is still some of the most fun you can have with tanks involved. Continue reading ‘Valkyria Chronicles – Staff Review’ »

Valkyria Chronicles’ Next DLC Gets Dated

Coming courtesy of SEGA America’s blog, the upcoming DLC for Valkyria Chronicles has just been given a release date. Titled The Challenges of the Edy Detachment, the fourth DLC installment is scheduled for a February 25 launch. Not being just a clever name, the content includes six missions set by members of the Edy Detachment; each is based around learning the finer points of sniping, shocktroopering, and other things that don’t properly end with -ing but involve a whole lot of things being blown up.

Apart from members of said detachment, players will be able to use prior Squad 7 characters in the missions..

Valkyria Chronicles Wants in on the DLC Thing, Too

With a sequel already in development, Valkyria Chronicles still has more content up its proverbial sleeves. Sega recently announced that it intends to launch downloadable content for the strategy RPG in the form of new missions. Entitled Challenges from Team Edy, this content will be available in winter of 2009.

No price has been set for the DLC.

Source: Kotaku

Sega Brings DLC to North America and Japan

The DLC promised last November for the PS3’s Valkyria Chronicles has finally been confirmed by Sega for sometime this spring. It will comes in three packs: Hard EX Mode, which allows for a tougher playthrough of the game; “Enter the Edy Detachment,” a new mission where players help Edy defend a village from imperial forces; and “Behind Her Blue Flame,” a mission from the point of view of an imperial soldier under Selvaria’s command.

Over in Japan, the latest issue of Famitsu has seen Sega announcing Phantasy Star Zero Mini for DSiWare, a game in which players will take on a creature named Raven. Like Phantasy Star Zero for the DS, Mini will allow for four player wireless play and a drawing-based chat. It will be downloadable for 200 DSi Points.

Source: IGN

Mass Screenshots, Artwork – 02/16/08

Back again with still more screens and other goodies. In this episode: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Mega Man Star Force 3, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, Valkyria Chronicles, Arc Rise Fantasia, and Puzzle Quest Galactrix. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork – 02/16/08’ »

Valkyria Chronicles Ships Out, With More Content to Come

As was reported last July, Valkyria Chronicles for the Playstation 3 had some downloadable content made available in Japan. It was announced today on the official PlayStaion blog that  both the new mission and “Extra Hard” mode  will be coming to the US and to Europe in early 2009.

Valkyria Chronicles is heading to store shelves today. It’s rated T for Teen and sells for a suggested retail price of $59.99.

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 10/10/08

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Valkyria Chronicles – Screenshots, Artwork

Source: Famitsu

Valkyria Chronicles – Screenshots

Source: Game Watch

Valkyria Chronicles – Screenshots, Artwork

Source: Famitsu

Sega Gives Japanese Gamers More Bang For Their Yen

Valkyria Chronicles for the PlayStation 3 hasn’t even been released in North America and already Sega is announcing downloadable add-ons for the Japanese version of the game. For 300 yen (less than three dollars U.S.), players can download “Hard EX Mode,” which will allow for nine battles in this special difficulty setting. For 600 yen (just over $5.50 U.S.) players can download a new, fully-voiced game episode revolving around Edie.

Valkyria Chronicles has been out in Japan since April. It’s headed to North American retailers this November and to Europe sometime this fall. There’s no word yet about whether oversees audiences will be able to download additional content.

Source: IGN

Valkyria Chronicles – Screenshot

Sega Goes Wild With Release Dates

Sega’s taken the plunge this week and announced release dates for two upcoming RPGs. Valkyria Chronicles for the PlayStation 3 will be landing on North American shores in November while Alpha Protocol, announced for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, is expected in February 2009.
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Valkyria Chronicles – Screenshots, Artwork

Source: Jeux-France

Valkyria Chronicles Getting Optional Hard Disk Install

PS3 owners wishing to pick up Valkyria Chronicles will find that SEGA has given them the choice between fifteen-second load times or a 3.3 gig hard disk install. Considering some other recent PS3 games require the install, it is nice to be able decide if you’d rather spend your loading time before the game begins or in fifteen-second intervals throughout.

Valkyria Chronicles is currently a PS3 exclusive and is set to hit shelves this fall.


Valkyria Chronicles – Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart

Source: IGN