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White Knight Chronicles: Dogma Wars Goes Back In Time

On the eve of its release in Japan – well, it’s evening over here, at least – a few more tidbits about White Knight Chronicles Episode Portable: Dogma Wars have been revealed.  The titular Dogma Wars are the game’s setting, taking place 10,000 years prior to the original game.  Up to four players can join up to clear quests via the PSP’s wireless connection, and players can import their avatars from both the original Chronicles and the sequel, Awakening of Light and Darkness.

Source: Dengeki

Translation: Adrienne “Sicondera” Beck

White Knight Chronicles PSP Release Date Announced for Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment formally announced the release date for the PSP-bound White Knight Chronicles Episode Portable: Dogma Wars.  Set for a February 3 release in Japan, the game will feature an online play license that, when activated within two weeks of  release, grants access to limited edition weapons.

The official site for Dogma Wars can be found here. No information was given about a US release.

Source and translation: andriasang

Not So Mass Media 07/11/10

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White Knight Chronicles Sequel Characters, Release Timeframe Announced

Level 5 announced that the sequel to White Knight Chronicles will be released in Japan this summer. Dubbed Awakening of Light and Darkness, it will feature at least two new characters: a horned girl named Miu and an armored knight named Sukadain. Apart from character art and screenshots, few details are yet available.

Source: Famitsu

Mass Media 01/16/10

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Mass Media 12/29/09

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Mass Media 12/13/09

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White Knight Chronicles Sequel Features More Knights, More Conflict

More information has surfaced regarding White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness. The story is set one year after the events of the previous game. The three kingdoms of Balandor, Grid, and Foria are facing difficulties, and the thousand-year-long war between the Islendia Empire and the Asvan Kingdom is spreading across the continent.

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Level 5 Shows Off White Knight Chronicles at TGS, Announces Sequel

The Tokyo Game Show is in full swing, and Level 5 is showing off its PS3 RPG White Knight Chronicles. The game is already out in Japan and it should be out in North America sometime next year, but TGS provided the stage for the game’s online component.

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