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Mass Media 01/16/10

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Mass Media 12/29/09

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White Knight Chronicles to Hit North America in February

Level-5 and SCEA have announced that the international edition of White Knight Chronicles will be reaching North American shores come February 2 of 2010. Apart from the game, the IE will include the following features: over 50 disc-based online quests, which may be completed solo or cooperatively; voice chat; additional side conversations between the hero and his companions; and the Georama, which allows players to construct an online village into which they may invite other players.

Level 5 Shows Off White Knight Chronicles at TGS, Announces Sequel

The Tokyo Game Show is in full swing, and Level 5 is showing off its PS3 RPG White Knight Chronicles. The game is already out in Japan and it should be out in North America sometime next year, but TGS provided the stage for the game’s online component.

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White Knight Chronicles Gets Update… in Japan

White Knight Chronicles is receiving a patched version which supposedly adds equipment, uncaps Guild Rank, and makes other changes not yet specified. White Knight Chronicles EX Edition is slated for a release in Japan before the game comes to North American markets. Though it will be sold at a discount price of 3800 yen (about $40 US), it is not yet known if the changes in the EX Edition will be applied to the North American version.

Source: Siliconera

Level 5 Levels Up White Knight Chronicles

This week’s dose of Famitsu reveals that Level 5 is patching its PS3 RPG White Knight Chronicles again. The so-called 1st Wave arrived this past spring, and now the 2nd Wave will hit sometime next month.

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White Knight Chronicles Impression 2

White Knight Chronicles is one of those games we heard about a lot a while back, then…not so much. The biggest draw, or at least what set it apart, was the hero’s ability to become a huge knight and fend off giant enemies in a clash of massive scale. Of course, the real question is how well this actually plays out. Continue reading ‘White Knight Chronicles Impression 2’ »

White Knight Chronicles Impression 1

While passing through Sony’s booth, I happened to spot a game that’d I’d been interested in for quite a while: Level 5’s White Knight Chronicles. As soon as a station became available, I picked up a controller and tried it out.

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Mass Screenshots, Artwork, 05/04/09

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Inaba Answers a Thing or Two About White Knight Chronicles

Playstation Blog has posted a video interview with Tsubasa Inaba, US producer of White Knight Chronicles. Topics included gameplay mechanics, what changes may occur during the US release, voice chat functions, and games that sync with Dark Side of the Moon. So far, none, but Inaba’s confidence remains high. Check out the full interview here.

Mass Screenshots, Artwork 03/14/09

How’s it going, everybody? Got some fresh new screens and arts for you fine folks. Take a gander, won’t you? This time around: Muramasa, Blue Dragon Plus 2, 7th Dragon, Harvest Moon: Makiba no Omise, Dragon Quest IX, White Knight Chronicles, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork 03/14/09’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart – 12/15/08

In this update: Blood of Bahamut, Arc Rise Fantasia, White Knight Chronicles, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and Shining Force Feather. Also… more corn! Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart – 12/15/08’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork 12/02/08

Today’s update features Suikoden Tierkreis, White Knight Chronicles, and Dragon Quest: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork 12/02/08’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork 11/25/08

In today’s update: Harvest Moon: Welcome to the Wind Bazaar, White Knight Chronicles, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork 11/25/08’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 11/01/08

In today’s update: Phantasy Star Zero, Princess and Knight, Riz-Zoawd, White Knight Chronicles, Tales of Hearts, Avalon Code, Knights in the Nightmare, Atelier Annie, Mega Man Star Force 3, Prinny: Ore ga Shujinko de Iinsuka?, and Harvest Moon: Welcome to the Wind Bazaar. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 11/01/08’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 10/22/08

In today’s update: Legacy of Ys Books I&II, White Knight Chronicles, Mega Man Star Force 3, Devil Summoner Kuzunoha Raidou 2, and Kimi no Yusha. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 10/22/08’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork 10/11/08

Today we  have: White Knight Chronicles, Fable 2, and Destiny Links.

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Dragon Quest IX and White Knight Story Get Japanese Release

A couple of Level 5’s upcoming titles have finally been dated in Japan. Yoichi Wada, president of Square Enix Japan announced today that Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS will be out in early 2009 in Japan. Coincidentally, in the latest issue of Famitsu, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that White Knight Story for the PlayStation 3 will be available on December 25 of this year.

Source: Gamekyo