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What Happened This Week – Atlus Breaks Internet Curfew in Stolen DeLorean

There’s a mouthful for you. Hello, me good smilin’ friends! In today’s thrilling episode:

  • Xenogears arrives on PSN, nostalgia ensues.
  • Name your kid Dovahkiin, get free Bethesda games: madness, or radness? Probably madness.  Although…
  • Atlus tops Japanese sales charts, is probably fun to hang out with on the weekends.
  • Vietnam begins banning online gaming between 10pm and 8am.  Now who’s lost in fantasy?
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution personal media blackout begins now, and will last until I have to index more about the game.
  • PSP price drop, Unreal Engine 3 on the NGP, and Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil proposition.

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Xenogears Stands Tall and Arrives on PSN

Remember the 90s? I know I do: dial-up internet, MTV that actually played music videos, and having to pick sides in console wars because mom didn’t care what your pal Marty had, you were only getting one or the other. And lest I forget, the 90s was also a time of gigantohuge multi-disc RPGs, like for instance Xenogears. I bring this up because Sony announced via official blog that Xenogears is available on PSN starting today.

One long, long trip down memory lane is priced at $10.

NPCast 17: Cut Content – Keeping the Dream Alive

It has been said – by me, using that phrase to mask that it was me saying it – that the gaming industry is where good dreams go to die horrible deaths. Less hyperbolic (and more true) is that sometimes a developer’s pet idea just had to go if the game was to see the light of day; at times, the game had to become something else entirely. Come on in and let us discuss some rather noteworthy examples, and see what they say about our hobby-slash-industry. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll find out someone was in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky that you were not expecting. I bet you can’t guess! Continue reading ‘NPCast 17: Cut Content – Keeping the Dream Alive’ »

Japan Nets Shiny Square Enix Downloads

Starting today some lucky folk in Japan will be able to download classic PlayStation games from the companies formerly known as Square, Enix,  and Taito. If the names alone don’t bring back memories, then the games certainly will. Xenogears, Einhander, Rakugaki Showtime, Astronoka, Raystorm, and Fighter’s Impact are the first of twelve games Square Enix has slated for re-release on the PlayStation Network.

The games are available for 600 yen. There’s been no word yet whether any of the titles will be made available to non-Japanese accounts.

Source: Kotaku