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XSEED JKS Renamed as Marvelous USA

XSEED JKS, known to most of us through their consumer games brand XSEED Games, will be undergoing a slight title makeover. According to parent company Marvelous AQL, XSEED will now be known as Marvelous USA, though the company will still be using the XSEED Games branding on game boxes. This apparently does not involve a staffing change; XSEED president and CEO Shinichi Suzuki will retain those titles under Marvelous USA.

Source: Gematsu

XSEED Now Headed by Former Atlus President

XSEED Games has announced that Shinichi Suzuki is now President and CEO of the company, having stepped down from that same role at Atlus North America back in August. In a press release, Suzuki said that “This is an exciting time for the industry and our company, and I look forward to navigating a course of success through the exciting changes in store as we advance XSEED’s publishing efforts by bringing even more highly anticipated titles to market across multiple platforms.”

Source: Joystiq

What Happened This Week – Appetite for Production

Summer rolls on and the heat just isn’t letting up. Who said suburban Chicago could turn into southern Louisiana? How’s everybody else out there holding up? If you’ve got time for the news, gather ’round and listen up. In this week’s episode:

  • One of Sony’s insurance groups sues to avoid being legally liable for damage from the hack.  Next time Sony, get them to agree before showing the bill.
  • Gameloft stands accused of forcing its employees to work 100+ hour weeks and faking deadlines to maintain crunch time.  And they thought Gameloft wasn’t ready for the big leagues!
  • Capcom’s Twitter Guy accidentally implies fans are to blame for Mega Man Legends 3‘s cancellation.  The internet reacts in the usual reserved and dignified manner.
  • 1UP posts some interesting analysis on the decline in JRPG localization.  It sure would explain an awful lot.  Looking right at you Square Enix.  Sega, you too.
  • Wal-Mart prepares to publish its sales data for video games.  I’m sure that internal memo marked “Join Us Or Die” is just for marketing purposes.
  • Zeboyd Games announces that jumping to Steam caused sales to skyrocket.  #pcgamingmasterrace

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