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Zoids Assault – Staff Review

For fans of mecha anime, there are few series that lend themselves better to an RPG than Zoids. With such a broad assortment of Zoid frames and equipment, it seems a natural choice for a TRPG. With Zoids Assault, the net result is a mixed bag that does some things extremely well, and some things not as well as a fan might hope. Continue reading ‘Zoids Assault – Staff Review’ »

Atlus Delays Zoids Assault, Writes Best Press Release Ever

Xbox 360 owners eagerly anticipating the ability to pilot a Command Wolf, Dibison, or any of the many types of Ligers will need to wait a bit longer. No one explains it better than Aram Jabbari with this snippet of the actual press release:

“Zoids Assault is going to slip out of late August and into early September – the 9th to be exact… Hey, are these new Zoids Assault screenshots? These are great! Let’s focus on these instead,” pleaded Aram Jabbari, Assistant Manager of Sales and PR, holding a set of awesome new Zoids Assault screenshots above his head.”

Zoids Assault – Screenshots

Source: Kotaku

Zoids Assault – Screenshots, Boxart

Xbox 360 Takes Cover as Zoids Assault

Atlus USA has announced a new addition to their growing collection of Xbox 360 RPGs. Zoids Assault is a strategy RPG in which players control giant beast-like machines. It promises objective-based gameplay and a slew of customization and upgrade features in a military sci-fi environment. Continue reading ‘Xbox 360 Takes Cover as Zoids Assault’ »