FFXIII-2 May Content Launched; Square Enix Profitable Again

Following both fake and actual leaks of release dates, Square Enix has officially launched Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s May DLC. The Lightning episode is priced at ¥600/400MSP, with Snow behind it at ¥400/320MSP, and the rest – Serah White Mage, Noel Black Mage, and the Moogle costume set – costing ¥300/240MSP.

Incidentally, Square Enix also posted a sharp turnaround in earnings, with net income jumping from a ¥12 million loss to a ¥6 million gain. According to Square Enix, the boost is largely owed to higher-than-expected console game sales – Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Final Fantasy XIII-2 were cited in particular – along with growth on the web and smartphone side.

Source: Andriasang

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