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London Philharmonic Composes Second Game Music Album

With last year’s orchestral album based on video game music under their belt, the London Philharmonic Orchestra is putting together a second one. The tellingly-named Greatest Video Game Music 2 launches on November 6, and includes the following tracklist: Continue reading ‘London Philharmonic Composes Second Game Music Album’ »

Square Enix to Launch Android Marketplace

Square Enix has announced plans to start an Android market for its games, aptly titled the Square Enix Market. Among the games planned for the initial launch are Dragon Quest Monsters Most Wanted, Chaos Rings, the iOS remake of the original Final Fantasy, and Crystal Defenders. Other titles, such as Chrono Trigger and Itagaki Street,, are expected to follow.

The Market opens for Droid users on KDDI’s phone service starting December 1, with DoCoMo and Softbank to come later.

Source: Andriasang

PSP and PS3 Getting Chrono Trigger

It’s almost a shame when the title says it all, it makes the job much simpler and yet more difficult. Oh well. Anyway, yes, the ever-popular Chrono Trigger will see a release as a PS1 classic in North America. The announcement comes by way of the ESRB, who listed the title for both PS3 and the PSP. However, no information about a release date was given.

Source: 1UP

Game Changers: Volume 6 – Chrono Trigger

Do you remember the days when you finished a game and it was over? The credits ran and you turned off your console and congratulated yourself on having fought the good fight and won. There was nothing left to do but move on to the next challenge. Well that wasn’t the case the first time you finished Chrono TriggerContinue reading ‘Game Changers: Volume 6 – Chrono Trigger’ »