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What Happened This Week – Weird Acts of Corporate Theater: 2011

Howdy-ho, people! It’s time for the news, and what, oh what could we possibly have to talk about? Let’s get right to it:

  • Microsoft: KINECT KINECT KINECT KINECT!  KINECT? KINECT!! Also, shooters, most of which you already knew about.  That said, the Tomb Raider game looks right up my alley.
  • What MS didn’t say: cloud storage for Live data, profiles available through any 360, and Blackwater (yes, that Blackwater) is getting a Kinect-equipped shooter.
  • Sony: Sorry for the inconvenience of having your data stolen of the outage.  We hope you’ll accept this modest 3DTV bundle price as compensation.
  • More Sony: PSVita revealed, priced at $249-299 US dollars.  Let the handheld wars recommence!
  • Nintendo: ZELDA ZELDA ZEL- okay, enough about the Wii.  Here’s some 3DS stuff.  Alright, enough of that.  New console time!
  • Wii U: See all the stuff you can do with the controller?  No, the controller’s not the console.  No, we don’t have anything ready yet.  Look at the controller!
  • EA and Ubisoft’s conferences, notable absences, and more!

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New Bioshock Property to Hit New Sony Portable

Speaking at Sony’s press conference, Ken Levine, creative director of Irrational Games, announced that an unnamed title in the Bioshock universe will appear on the NGP/PS Vita.  Levine indicated that this would be a new story, although little else was revealed.

Mass Effect 3 Reschedules the Apocalypse

During its press conference earlier today, Electronic Arts spilled the beans on Mass Effect 3‘s release date. Previously scheduled for a release during the 2011 holiday season, the final entry in the space shooter/RPG series will now see the light of day on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on March 6, 2012.

Microsoft Shows Off Fable: The Journey

Lionhead Studios gave gamers a glimpse of Fable:The Journey, starting off with an impressive video showing how the new game begins. Of course, the game runs using Kinect. The controls appear smoother than some of the other games featuring motion controls, but it will be up to gamers to decide if they prefer standard or motion controls. The short demo showed off a little of the combat before ending with a release date of 2012.

Mass Effect 3 to Feature Kinect Support

At Microsoft’s press conference today, it was announced that Mass Effect 3 will have voice recognition support via Kinect. Players will be able to call out strategic moves to teammates, such as directing movement and telling them to use skills.

What Happened This Week – Pre-E3 Warmup With Electronic Old Men

Mandatory viewing for all Deus Ex fans.

Howdy folks!  Getting busy around here before E3, but we still have time to wrap up the news. Let’s break it down:

  • Groupon joins Zynga, PopCap, etc. in preparing to go public, despite not actually making a profit.  We should make a drinking game out of this.
  • A huge preview build for Deus Ex: Human Revolution got leaked to the internet.  To everyone’s surprise, nobody minds.  File that under “did not see coming.”
  • Interplay teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, as they seemingly have for years now.  But don’t worry, Fallout Online is gonna be here any day now!
  • Dueling digital distribution services: Gamestop automatically charges for re-downloading “insurance,” which its competitors give away for free…
  • …while EA launches its own DD network coincidentally named after one of the studios it absorbed.  Oooh, awk~waaard.
  • E3 pre-conference projections: Nintendo’s new hardware, Sony’s image problem, and Microsoft’s Kinect… stuff.

In addition we have some late-breaking news that didn’t make it into the recording: NPR and reported that not only was Nintendo hacked, but they were hacked by the same group that’s been plaguing Sony recently.  No data was stolen in the Nintendo hack, but the group, calling itself Lulz Security, has claimed responsibility for an attack on Sony Pictures that resulted in a million more users’ personal information.

From where I sit there’s actually a fairly clear line between exposing a company’s lackluster security procedures – which Sony is clearly guilty of – and releasing sensitive information for all to see.  The second Robin Hood starts shooting random people and telling them to blame the authorities for failing to protect them, he’s lost the argument.  I don’t see the Nintendo hack changing the game much, although I’d put money down that these ongoing hacks are going to draw more attention than LulzSec might like.  Much as it pains me to admit, life isn’t Shadowrun, and when the feds come knocking the game’s pretty much over.

And now, on with the actual episode.  Enjoy!

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What Happened This Week – Trading the Weird for the Insolvent

Goooooooood evening!  Hope all of you are braving the latest storm of the century, seems like we get one of those every five minutes.  And then the sun comes out at the end of it just to spite us, that’s just unfair.  But I digress.  It’s time for What Happened This Week, and all the unusual merriment the topic brings.  In tonight’s topics:

  • China was revealed to have used prisoners for goldfarming in an unusual twist on forced labor.  Well, at least nobody can opt out of raid night.
  • Zynga prepares for an IPO in two weeks.  Gamers and financial experts look at each other and shrug, gamers with financial knowledge (or vice versa) start panicking.
  • Sony plans its bone-crushing five hour E3 event.  Someone’s compensating for something, like an unexpected loss even before the hack took place.
  • On the other hand, the PS4 won’t see the Big McLargehuge development costs of the PS3.  So, hey, they learned something.  I hope.
  • On BioWare looking for artists.  Yes, Dragon Age 2 dropped the ball in several areas.  Yes, Dragon Age III is still a day one pickup for me.  Yes, I am a consumer whore.
  • Speaking of which, CD Projekt patches out DRM from retail copies of The Witcher 2.  Oh CDP, you had me at hello!
  • President Obama gets strange (and awesome) gifts, GRIN blames Square for its bankruptcy, and more!

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What Happened This Week – It’s Not Different At All, Is It Steve?!

I miss Dr. Weird.

What’s happening, everybody?  Hope you’re braced for the coming week, what with Witcher 2 and New Vegas DLC coming up.  In the meantime, let us discuss the many interesting things that have happened since last Sunday:

  • The Economist speculates on a possible tech/internet bubble, driven by overconfident investors and unproven business models.  And here we thought time travel was impossible.
  • Microsoft pays $Texas for Skype.  Learn at, Why would they buy a largely free VOIP service as a tech bubble is being built?  Why, indeed.
  • PSN is finally back up, bringing the catastrophic train wreck to at least partial closure.  Which means we can now focus on Sony’s harmless and entertaining train wrecks.
  • Eidos and Deus Ex: Human Revolution websites get hacked.  Hey, hackers, that’s not funny.  Deus Ex has been delayed enough.
  • Square Enix has a rough week, owing in part to Final Fantasy XIV‘s amazingly poor launch condition. Really now, are high-res catgirls and magic midgets that hard to deliver?
  • The National Endowment for the Arts classifies games as art, thus solving all problems with the games industry forever.
  • Call of Duty vs. Battlefield at launch, the US Navy makes an anti-piracy MMO, the Harvest Moon folk join up with some weird colleagues, and much more!

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What Happened This Week – It Only Leaks Everything

Greetings and salutations!  Time for the news, and what a busy week it’s been for that.  You gotta hand it to Sony, when it comes to spectacular failures they’re such hard act to follow.  Anyway, let’s see what’s happening:

  • Sony’s PSN saga thus far: Network goes down, small problem; company waited a week to warn of compromised personal info, big problem.
  • The scope of the hack has hit mainstream news, and both state and federal investigations are being conducted.  Sony’s marketing team prepares to make themselves taller.
  • What does this mean for Sony’s E3 showing?  Probably more than it does for their long-term prospects.  The internet never forgets, but it does have a short attention span.
  • Kaz Hirai’s press conference: Please overlook password insecurity with this free month of PSN+.  The month is also cursed.
  • Zynga acquires EA’s chief operating officer and a UK office. It’s like the 90s all over again, only closer to a depressing cyberpunk dystopia!
  • Portal 2 making-of feature hints it may be “Valve’s last game with an isolated single-player experience.”  That screaming you’re hearing is the Half-Life fanbase.
  • Nintendo issues a statement that the Wii 2 will be at E3.  Also, getting to 90% of the sales target for the 3DS is considered a flop, apparently.
  • Smurfs dancing game screenshots and Love Plus on the 3DS offer definitive proof that our creator has abandoned us.

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What Happened This Week – Impulse Buys and Picking Fights Poorly

Goooood evening, friends! It’s news roundup time, and have we got some stories for you. Here’s the latest:

  • Stardock CEO speaks out on selling Impulse to GameStop, but the reasoning behind the sale remains unclear.  Also, he claims his fingers were broken in a “boking” accident.
  • Nintendo and Sony commiserate over stock price and handheld launch woes.  Those two should get together more often.
  • Sony says price isn’t a make-or-break factor for a platform’s launch.  Uh-oh.
  • Rumor mill discussion over an alleged Sony insider leaking E3 2011 details.  Kaz Hirai and Jack Tretton to fight to the death confirmed.
  • EA thinks it can take on Zynga.  Details to follow in the documentary Wall Street 3: Make Games or Die Trying.
  • Ubisoft thinks it can take on EA and Activision.  Their likely response: “Ubi-who now?”
  • BioWare’s Mass Effect 2 deal, PopCap Games loses their mind, and much more!

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What Happened This Week – Cost-Cutting Spin Doctors Reopen Europe

Welcome back, everybody! Good to be back from Las Vegas, where tragically I was unable to recruit Danny Trejo and hunt down Matthew Perry. But I suppose a nacho platter at Margaritaville is victory enough for one trip. Anyway, it’s time to round up What Happened This Week. Let’s see what we have this time:

  • Sony convinces European authorities to release PS3s, but the legal back-and-forth with LG continues.
  • Human Revolution sees a release date, and the reason for the pushback likely goes deeper than Final Fantasy XIV‘s misfired launch.
  • Microsoft to retool Windows Live and apologize for unleashing it.  Well, they’re doing the first one at least.  Also, speculation on possible price cuts.
  • Best Buy is on the ropes, but and Steam need better infrastructure to viably fill the gap.
  • Strange but true: criticize BioWare, get locked out of Dragon Age 2.  Developers have feelings too, you know!
  • Krazy Kaz is back, E3 rumor mills are in full swing, and portables join consoles in the counterproductive spending arms race.
  • Japan, as you know, was recently hit by a massive earthquake and resulting tsunami.  The Red Cross is accepting donations, so chip in if you can.

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