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Fable Legends to Be Playable at E3

Lionhead Studios has announced that Fable Legends will be playable at E3 next month. Speaking at a UK press event, studio head John Needham confirmed the title will be featured at their E3 booth, and he further remarked that the title looks to be “one of the most beautiful games on the platform.”

Source: Gematsu

Microsoft/Lionhead Announce Fable Remake

The original Fable will be getting a high-definition makeover, Microsoft and Lionhead Studios have announced. Dubbed Fable Anniversary, this version will feature 1080p visuals, updated lighting and textures, refined facial and cutscene animations, and so on. Apart from better graphics, Anniversary also brings to the table a new interface, Smartglass integration, and drastically reduced loading times.

Fable Anniversary hits the 360 this holiday season.

Source: Gematsu

Fable: The Journey Gets a General Release Date

The next entry in the Fable series got a bit closer to the light of day today. Microsoft says that this Kinect-exclusive title will be released in Fall 2012. They also mentioned that The Journey is a stand-alone title, with no relation to the mainline series.

What Happened This Week – And I’ll Keep Lying, I Promise

Ah, 16-bit-era Shadowrun. Come for the cyberpunk revenge plots and foxgirls, stay for the considerable XP/money grind so you can break the game in half. Good times, both SNES and Genesis. Anyway, on to the news:

  • Sony’s financial woes catch up to them, doubling their loss forecast and forcing 10,000 layoffs.  “Holy s***, now what?” indeed, Mr. Hirai.
  • Jack Tramiel, Commodore International founder and the man behind the C64, died at 83.  Yet another legend in the tech field that I knew almost nothing about.
  • Peter Molyneux speaks out about leaving Microsoft for his indie venture.  Will it change the world, or will it OH JUST REMAKE SYNDICATE ALREADY GODDAMNIT
  • The Better Business Bureau weighs in on the Mass Effect 3 ending furor, which is my personal “this has gone way too far” threshold.
  • Meanwhile, Victor Ireland rather gloriously misreads Steam’s effect on RPG sales, while his own Clash of Heroes 2 Kickstarter falls well short of its goal.  Time to serve the Newell?  I’d say so.
  • Wired’s Chris Kohler takes a scalpel to the argument that used games are hurting the industry.  The conclusion: the industry is hurting the industry.
  • Project X Zone‘s creators are among the least likely to localize anything, Wasteland 2‘s Kickstarter coasts to a comfortable finish, and more!

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What Happened This Week – There He Goes Again On His Own

Hello and welcome, everybody! It’s that time again. GDC occupied a lot of the news this week, but among that we have the following:

  • Valve’s marketing director clarifies that they are not working on a Steam box… for now.  Actually they left off the “for now” part, but let a man dream :3
  • Peter Molyneux leaves Lionhead and Microsoft to start his own company once more.  Shine on, you awesome fibber.  Shine on… or go on to develop social/iOS games like other gaming legends.
  • Blizzard offers a rather hefty bounty returning bonus for players who bring friends back to World of Warcraft
  • …which doesn’t quite distract from their announcement that Diablo III will not have PvP at launch.
  • A quartet of big names – Will Wright, Sid Meier, John Romero, and Cliff Bleszinski – offer various insights on the state of the industry, ranging from concerns about self-referential development to homeless simulators.  It makes sense in context.
  • Tim Cain gives a postmortem on Fallout, sharing the dirt on how the now famous post-apocalyptic RPG almost never saw the light of day.  Short answer: blame Windows NT.  Watch the whole thing if you can, it’s enlightening stuff.
  • Two men make more or less the same complaints about Japanese games, with vastly different levels of tact (and authority), I suggest the big picture might be a bit more complicated, and more!

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Fable Heroes Announced

With Fable: The Journey already on the way, Lionhead has revealed another entry in the series is in development. Fable Heroes, an Xbox Live Arcade title, is a multiplayer beat-em-up planned for release sometime before The Journey. Heroes will feed into the Kinect-exclusive title, sharing avatars and other unlockables.

No price point has been set so far.

Source: Eurogamer

What Happened This Week – New Generation, Same Tricks

Howdy-howdy! Slowly getting back to a working schedule, though still suffering connection issues. Making some progress on my end, or at least narrowing down the problem. But enough about my griping, we’re here for the news! News, and the joy of shows about time-travelling quad bikes on YouTube.

Gotta love Klyka, man. Anyway, let’s get at it:

  • Sony is reportedly beginning work on game concepts for the yet-unannounced PS4, with an expected release window of 2014…
  • …while Microsoft looks to debut the “Xbox Next” at E3 2013. Also, Fable will get a chance to disappoint people on the Next.
  • A Gamasutra interview on Rage sparks… rage. The writer responds, arguing that being potentially blacklisted for a pointed question or two is kind of an overreaction.
  • Blizzard offers up a side of Diablo III free with $180 worth of World of Warcraft. Such a deal! Blizzard, throw in Warcraft 4 or the rest of Starcraft II and we’ll talk.
  • Speaking of tie-ins, Mass Effect 3 teams up with Battlefield 3 to prop up the latter gain early access to the ME3 multiplayer demo. Maybe they’re hoping BF3‘s multiplayer mojo will rub off or something.
  • Namco Bandai is set to publish Ni no Kuni in Rest-of-the-Worldia, Yoshida says more about FFXIV, Batman: Arkham City opens up fresh DLC wounds, and more!

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Fable II – Staff Review #2

Read the back of the Fable II box and it’ll promise you adventure and the chance to “experience how [your] choices change you and the world forever.” While the game does provide players with a decent adventure, it fails utterly to show the effect of any choices you make in the world. Fable II offers a big, beautiful world to romp around in. Unfortunately, it’s coupled with weak story-telling, and choices that have only the most superficial effects on the world. It’s a fun game, but it suffers when compared to others offerings in the genre. Continue reading ‘Fable II – Staff Review #2’ »

Microsoft Shows Off Fable: The Journey

Lionhead Studios gave gamers a glimpse of Fable:The Journey, starting off with an impressive video showing how the new game begins. Of course, the game runs using Kinect. The controls appear smoother than some of the other games featuring motion controls, but it will be up to gamers to decide if they prefer standard or motion controls. The short demo showed off a little of the combat before ending with a release date of 2012.

What Happened This Week – The Future Makes People Stupid

Nothing like a dark and stormy night after a nice, warm Sunday.  Welcome back, people!  Hope you’re not too busy with last week’s offerings, because it’s time to recap the news, with a musical interlude reproduced by yours truly that originates from Get Your War On. In today’s episode:

  • PopCap Games plans to go public, with Zynga, Facebook, etc. to follow.  Gee, you think this bubble will protect us from all those pins lying around up ahead?
  • China makes its own backed-by-the-army shooter, much like America’s Army but with US troops as enemies.  Also with blackjack and hookers.  In fact, forget the shooter.
  • Sony’s ongoing hacking woes, compounded by Howard Stringer ripping stuff from the movie Sneakers.  Someone get that man a Netflix account!
  • Microsoft 360 update risks bricking consoles, after initial confusion as to which update it is.   It’s okay, the people behind Windows know what they’re… oh god.  Oh god.
  • Sony announces plan to convert some PSP titles to the PS3.  See, now we’re getting somewhere.  Also, Jesus loves Valkyria Chronicles and so should you.
  • Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid art director Yoji Shinkawa have a dinner meeting.  With Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada.  So… yeah.
  • Bad developer lists, used market scapegoating, Fox News being silly, and so much more!

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Semi-Mass Media 02/24/11

Just in case you need some imagery to go with your announcements, we have a few shots of Traitor’s Keep fresh out of the oven. Each serving comes with a free side of Devil Survivor Overclocked too. C’mon, dig in! Continue reading ‘Semi-Mass Media 02/24/11’ »

Bevy of Fable III News: DLC, PC Port, and Coin Golf

Courtesy of Lionhead’s official blog comes a hefty chunk of Fable III news.  For starters, the first set of DLC, dubbed Traitor’s Keep, will be available starting March 1 for 560 MS funbucks.  Little else is known other than it will feature three new levels – Ravenscar Keep, Clockwork Island, and the Godwin Estate – and involve the player “encountering a mysterious prisoner.”

Additionally, a PC port of Fable III was part of this announcement.  Due out on May 17, the PC version will include a unique Hardcore Mode that ratchets the difficulty even higher.  And last was the reveal of Fable Coin Golf, a minigame of sorts which both lets you transfer money earned into Fable III and unlocks unique weapons in Traitor’s Keep.

DLC News Roundup: Fable III and New Vegas

For games that start with F, the DLC keeps on coming.  Details have been released for both Fable III, with content released today, and Fallout New Vegas‘s upcoming Dead Money: Continue reading ‘DLC News Roundup: Fable III and New Vegas’ »

Mass Media vos Qwib-Qwib 08/18/10

Not So Mass Media 08/10/10

Tiny text should be abolished in games. Continue reading ‘Not So Mass Media 08/10/10’ »

Not So Mass Media 08/04/10

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Mass Media 08/01/10

Mass Effect has the worst item management system ever. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 08/01/10’ »

E3 Media 06/17/10

More new screens out of E3, featuring, Atelier Rorona, Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, Fable III, and Trinity Universe.
Oh and don’t worry, Slayer’s not dead. I promise I didn’t kill him with an overload of Nintendo E3 media yesterday or anything like that.

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Fable III Gets Collector’s Edition, PC Release Confirmation

In an update on their official blog, Lionhead revealed that Fable III will launch on the PC alongside the 360 version, with both due out this holiday season.  Apart from retail outlets, the game will be available for download through Games for Windows Live.  Additionally, the 360 version will have a Limited Collector’s Edition costing $79.99, which includes an exclusive quest and location, a set of Fable III playing cards, a guild seal coin, a unique outfit for each gender, and a new dog breed.

The LCE has not been confirmed for PC, though Windows players will have access to downloadable content.

Fable III: Get to Know Your Co-op Partner, If You Know What I Mean

A preview of the upcoming Fable III was featured in the Official Xbox Magazine released over the weekend. Among the other bits and pieces discussed was one extremely curious new feature, that being the ability to get airquotes-intimate with another player over co-op. This includes having and raising a child down the line, possibly ruling the kingdom as king and queen, and piping in Barry White at opportune moments over voice chat.

In a related story, the non-existent website Days Since Fox News Complained About Video Games has announced that it is ready to roll its counter back to zero. Its sister fake site, Days Since Someone Referenced Robes and Wizard Hats, issued a statement that it plans to do the same.

Source: OXM UK