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Square Enix Shows Type-0 Sequel Teaser

At a Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launch event in Hong Kong, Square Enix showed off artwork and a teaser video for a possible sequel to the title. The sequel has not yet been announced or titled, though director Hajime Tabata did state that his team wants to begin production.

Check the video out over on Youtube.

Source: Gematsu

Final Fantasy Agito+ Delay Attributed to Development Environment

Speaking with Famitsu, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD director Hajime Tabata explained the delayed Japanese release of Final Fantasy Agito+ as the team discovering “a big problem within the development environment.” While the nature of the problem was unspecified, Tabata explained it has to do with development for the PS Vita as a platform, and the company is waiting for an update along with support from Sony Computer Entertainment.

Tabata also mentioned that debugging has begun for Type-0 HD, and that the title is entering the final development stages.

Source: Gematsu

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gets Collector’s Edition

With Final Fantasy Type-0 finally going global (and HD) in March, Square Enix revealed the title will come in both standard and collector’s editions. Priced at $99/€89.99, the CE throws in a golden SteelBook case, a composer’s selections soundtrack, a 200-page Type-0 manga, an 80-page artbook, replicas of Ace’s cards, and a code for the demo version of Final Fantasy XV.

The demo will be exclusive to Type-0 HD, according to Square Enix, and will not be released as a standalone download. First-print copies of the standard edition will also include copies of the demo.

Source: Gematsu

Tabata Talks Final Fantasy XV, Type-0

Speaking with Eurogamer, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata got the chance to talk more about the title’s development. Specifically, he apologized for the game’s lengthy development, adding that the game is roughly 55% complete. Character and world design retain Nomura’s input, but the open world gameplay borrows more from western titles; Tabata states the change comes from personal taste rather than direct influence.

More to the point, Tabata seeks to make XV more accessible to a wider audience. “Of course the depth of the game is going to be there,” he says, “but I want to make it so players can easily experience the satisfaction of the depth of the game.” This aim resulted in features like the car’s auto-drive, as well as some streamlining to the more action-oriented combat system.

The topic of Type-0 came up in relation to the XV demo, and Tabata openly stated that popular demand led to the game’s planned worldwide release in March. “With Type 0,” he said, “it was literally the demand from the fans that tipped the scales. The players are very important to us in the development. If I could, I’d love to go and thank each and every person who voiced their opinion, and wanted it to come to the western markets.”

Check out the full interview here.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD 80% Complete

Amidst the gameplay demonstration at PAX Prime this weekend, Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is roughly 80% complete. However, no concrete release period was given at this time.

Source: IGN

Final Fantasy Type-0 Coming to PS4, Xbox One

Square Enix confirmed today that Final Fantasy Type-0 will at last be coming to the west. Specifically, the title – which originally launched for the PSP – will be getting the HD treatment for its release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, according to director Hajime Tabata. A release timeframe was not announced.

Source: Joystiq

Final Fantasy Type-0 Goes Mobile-er

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Type-0 will be getting a mobile phone adaptation, amusingly titled Final Fantasy Agito (recall this was part of the original title of Type-0). Although it appears to be an updated port with additional features, such as a new character, the story is reportedly broken into chapters to be released every two weeks. The game will feature optional microtransactions for game items, abilities, and to reduce downtime from mission failure.

Source: Gematsu

Type-0 Staff Take Q’s, Give A’s

At a recent retailer event, Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajime Tabata answered fan questions regarding the game and the series. While discussing a possible sequel to Type-0, he stated “we aren’t thinking about having it directly continue the story.” A direct sequel is still in consideration however, and the various Final Fantasy VII entries were used as as comparisons. Tabata specifically wants to make titles that leave room for future story developments.

When asked about the card-themed names of the characters, he responded that the characters were initially planned to have real ones. The coded names were left in however, largely to add mystery to the characters. The Vita version was also brought up, and producer/fellow attendee Shinji Hashimoto indicated they’re looking into making Type 0 compatible with the UMD Passport program.

Source: Andriasang

Mass Media 11/26/11

I am in love with the girl with pink hair. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 11/26/11’ »

FF Type-0: Unusual Disc Swapping, New Game+, and More

Dengeki Playstation ran a lengthy feature on Final Fantasy Type-0 this week, showcasing more of the game as it nears its Japanese release. Among the details was the game’s disc swapping system, which puts the first and last chapters on the first disc and the rest of the game on the second. Director Hajime Tabata explained this unorthodox system as necessary for multiplayer, preventing disc-swapping from interrupting a game.

Type-0 will feature a variant of new game+, carrying over level and statistics while unlocking additional missions. These focus more on Class Zero, whereas the first playthrough reportedly centers more on the game world. As for story themes, Type-0‘s crystals apparently cause people to forget those who have died, and this will tie into the larger mythology of the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe.

Source: Andriasang

No Paid DLC Planned for FF Type-0

Game director Hajime Tabata has stated, via official blog, that Final Fantasy Type-0 will not feature paid downloadable content. However, Square Enix Members will have access to free downloadable items.

Source: Andriasang

Mass Media 09/22/11

Coffee vs. cold medicine: the eternal struggle rages on. Hey, I needed something to stay up long enough to finish the media, what with my browser deciding that now is a fantastic time to fuss over every single image. But I ramble. Let’s get to said media: 7th Dragon 2020, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3, Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy Type-0, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Lord of Apocalypse, Tales of Innocence R and Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 09/22/11’ »

FF Type-0 to Get Collector’s Edition

With the Japanese release drawing closer, Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy Type-0 will come in both regular and collector’s editions. The standard version is priced at 7700 yen, with the 12760 for the CE netting you the following: a 24-page postcard book, a three-disc soundtrack, and a specially designed case.

Type-0 is set to release on October 27 in Japan. No US release has been announced.

Source: 1UP

Final Fantasy Type-0 Delayed

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy Type-0‘s release date has been pushed back two weeks, putting the date at October 27. Little reason was given for this, save Square Enix stating that “it hopes to further improve quality.”

Source: Andriasang

Mass Media 08/19/11

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Demo Coming for Final Fantasy Type-0

Via Famitsu is the news that Final Fantasy Type-0 will see a public demo version prior to release. The demo, dubbed “Natsubi,” is a modified version of a demo shown at an Odaiba event a few weeks ago. No timeframe was given on the demo’s release.

Source: Andriasang

What Happened This Week – Appetite for Production

Summer rolls on and the heat just isn’t letting up. Who said suburban Chicago could turn into southern Louisiana? How’s everybody else out there holding up? If you’ve got time for the news, gather ’round and listen up. In this week’s episode:

  • One of Sony’s insurance groups sues to avoid being legally liable for damage from the hack.  Next time Sony, get them to agree before showing the bill.
  • Gameloft stands accused of forcing its employees to work 100+ hour weeks and faking deadlines to maintain crunch time.  And they thought Gameloft wasn’t ready for the big leagues!
  • Capcom’s Twitter Guy accidentally implies fans are to blame for Mega Man Legends 3‘s cancellation.  The internet reacts in the usual reserved and dignified manner.
  • 1UP posts some interesting analysis on the decline in JRPG localization.  It sure would explain an awful lot.  Looking right at you Square Enix.  Sega, you too.
  • Wal-Mart prepares to publish its sales data for video games.  I’m sure that internal memo marked “Join Us Or Die” is just for marketing purposes.
  • Zeboyd Games announces that jumping to Steam caused sales to skyrocket.  #pcgamingmasterrace

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Release Dates Announced for FFXIII-2 and Type-0

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will release in North America in January, following its Japanese launch in December. Speaking with Famitsu, director Motomu Toriyama also revealed that the title will be more open and conducive to exploration than XIII. Additionally, those who clear the game – estimated at about 40 hours – will unlock a replay mode unlike the typical New Game+ option, although this was not explained further.

As for Final Fantasy Type-0, Square Enix has set the release date as October 13 in Japan and the game will price at ¥7700. No US release was announced.

Source: 1UP

Type 0 Delayed, Developers Reveal More Info

Tetsuya Nomura and Hajime Tabata recently commented on the work going into Final Fantasy Type-0, acknowledging a delay from its intended summer release in Japan.  Although it was suggested that Type-0 may be ready in time for fall, no clear timeframe was given beyond 2011.  Tabata hinted that the PSN outage had slowed development of the multiplayer mode.

Apart from the delay, the two discussed additional information and features about the upcoming title: Continue reading ‘Type 0 Delayed, Developers Reveal More Info’ »

Yet More Type-0 Information

A large Dengeki feature broke more details about Final Fantasy Type-0. Continue reading ‘Yet More Type-0 Information’ »