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Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s Long Trail Takes a New Turn

The long-running saga of Final Fantasy Versus XIII took another unusual turn last night during Sony’s E3 press conference. It seems VsXIII will become Final Fantasy XV and move from the PlayStation 3 to its successor. SE later said that the game would also see release on the Xbox One, with producer Shinji Hashimoto saying that the game will be developed with DirectX 11, allowing for easy porting.

What Happened This Week – Naysayers Right and Wrong

News time, everybody! Get it while it’s hot, metaphorically speaking as the transfer of information is not linked to temperature! In tonight’s episode:

  • Zynga’s stock takes a nosedive due to slashed earnings estimates and insiders dumped the stock months ago.  Pardon me, I’ll be over here doing my “I called it” dance.
  • Boston Magazine provides an in-depth postmortem on the many, many warning signs leading up to 38 Studios’ closing.  Short version: Schilling mixed up baseball and business.
  • Key developers come out strongly against Windows 8, with Gabe Newell saying Valve may encourage Linux development as a hedge.  Mr. Newell, hedges are supposed to save money.
  • Crunchyroll breaks down a Japanese poll showing the Japanese are no longer bullish on their own gaming industry.  Clearly, the industry needs more ara ara~
  • Square Enix takes to Twitter to confirm Versus XIII is still alive.  CEO Yoichi Wada has to stop himself from saying it’ll be done “when it’s done.”
  • FFXIV gets rebranded, Irrational Games uses Metacritic as a hiring requirement, OnLive joins up with the Ouya, and more!

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Wada: Rumors of FF Versus XIII’s Death Somewhat Exaggerated

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada took to Twitter to deny rumors that Final Fantasy Versus XIII had been cancelled. Said rumors began circulating last week with a Kotaku article citing unspecified sources; Wada stated that not only is the game still in development, but he had just finished with a periodic meeting for the game.

Source: Andriasang

What Happened This Week – War By Other Means

If covering the news has taught me anything, it’s that companies would openly shoot at each other Syndicate-style if only they could get away with it. Anyway, welcome back, on this lovely evening before E3 kicks off! Here’s what’s happening:

  • Silicon Knights loses in their lawsuit against Epic, and then loses the countersuit for damages.  Expect Denis Dyack to insist that Too Human will continue… somehow.
  • Epic, by the way, rescued members of Big Huge Games, rolling them into a new studio and tasking them with another fantasy action-RPG.  Talk about paying it forward.
  • Meanwhile, Activision settles out of court with West and Zampella, thus freeing Activision to keep making Call of Duty and spying on its own people.  “But the future refused to change…”
  • CD Projekt reveals their non-Witcher property: Cyberpunk.  Apparently that’s the title of a pen-and-paper game easily confused with Shadowrun.
  • Nintendo hosts a pre-E3 video demonstration showing off the Wii U… the exact same aspects we saw last year.  Oh, and a classic-style controller and Nintendo-centric social network.
  • E3 predictions: Nintendo needs to have some game demos ready, Sony’s going to spin like an overclocked centrifuge, and Microsoft will be my cue to go get a drink.
  • A Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer is mistaken for FFXV, Sony may have picked up Gaikai for PSN-related announcements, and more!


Are you ready?

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Versus XIII Cutscenes Will Be Interactive, Says Nomura

In a Famitsu interview this week, Tetsuya Nomura commented on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. He indicated the game still in development, though Type-0 and XIII-2 are in line to be released first and much of Versus XIII is to be kept secret for the time being.

Nomura did mention one of the title’s new features. Both prerendered and in-game cutscenes will be controllable to some degree, with players no longer locked out of interaction. Lacking a visual demonstration he compared the idea to cutscenes in FPSes, likely referring to moments where players often still have movement and camera control as events happen. The switch is aimed in part to keep gameplay flowing naturally, though he added this also saves development time as graphics technology minimizes the difference between character models in and out of cutscenes.

Source: 1UP

EffEffstraveganza: FF Agito XIII Renamed, Versus XIII Trailer Revealed

Among the many, many things to come out during Square Enix’s 1st Production Department Premier event was long-awaited Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Versus XIII news. Continue reading ‘EffEffstraveganza: FF Agito XIII Renamed, Versus XIII Trailer Revealed’ »

Final Fantasy XIII: Character Changes and Tech Specs

In a fresh interview with Tetsuya Nomura and Motomu Toriyama, Famitsu dug up a few interesting tidbits about Final Fantasy XIII‘s development, on topics ranging from character design to load times. Some of the more noteworthy bits include: Continue reading ‘Final Fantasy XIII: Character Changes and Tech Specs’ »

Acting and Design Almost Done for Final Fantasy XIII, Versus

Square Enix designer and belt connoisseur Tetsuya Nomura confirmed in a recent Famitsu interview that voice acting for Final Fantasy XIII is nearing completion. Nomura also brought up character designs for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, saying, to the certain frustration of the game’s artists, that the costumes will be hard to recreate in-game.

How fabulous? One might say… Absolutely Fabulous.

Eh? Eh?? C’mon, I know somebody else out there watched that show and doesn’t remember why, but there it is, etched in their brain where other facts should be, like their cell phone number or their manager’s name when they’re asking for a raise.

Source: Kotaku

Reason 3954820 Japan is Better Than Everywhere Else

As if we didn’t need another reason Japanese gamers are luckier than pretty much everyone else, the details of new features in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, the Blu-Ray release of the sequel to the much acclaimed Final Fantasy VII, have finally been announced. The movie will have 30 minutes of additional footage, and each copy of the movie will have a playable demo for Final Fantasy XIII. If that wasn’t enough, there will also be trailers for Final Fantasy XIII: Agito and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Source: Magic Box

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Protagonists Introduced

Final Fantasy usually boasts some pretty unique character names, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII is no different. Two new protagonist characters have been revealed: one male by the name of Noctis Lucis Caelum, and a female, Stella Nox Fleuret. The beautiful pair seem to have the ability to see light in a world where light is forbidden. Stella even seems to boost her power when she uses her light-seeing skills.

Source: The Magic Box

Final Fantasy XIII Not PS3 Exclusive

This morning at Microsoft’s press conference, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIII will also be released for the Xbox 360 at the same time in North America. It is still PS3 exclusive in Japan.

Updated: Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still PS3 exclusive.

Nomura Says Reports of Final Fantasy Versus XIII Delay Are Greatly Exaggerated

The interwebs were abuzz with misinterpreted news of a delay for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. In a statement to Eurogamer, the dev team said, “Reports that development for Final Fantasy Versus XIII is on hold are false.” It was added that, “The truth of the situation is that when free, some staff from the Versus team have been helping with the XIII team on development of Final Fantasy XIII. Development for both titles is continuing as originally scheduled.” There you have it. And to think people actually believed a Final Fantasy title might actually be delayed. Preposterous.

Source: Eurogamer