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What Happened This Week – There He Goes Again On His Own

Hello and welcome, everybody! It’s that time again. GDC occupied a lot of the news this week, but among that we have the following:

  • Valve’s marketing director clarifies that they are not working on a Steam box… for now.  Actually they left off the “for now” part, but let a man dream :3
  • Peter Molyneux leaves Lionhead and Microsoft to start his own company once more.  Shine on, you awesome fibber.  Shine on… or go on to develop social/iOS games like other gaming legends.
  • Blizzard offers a rather hefty bounty returning bonus for players who bring friends back to World of Warcraft
  • …which doesn’t quite distract from their announcement that Diablo III will not have PvP at launch.
  • A quartet of big names – Will Wright, Sid Meier, John Romero, and Cliff Bleszinski – offer various insights on the state of the industry, ranging from concerns about self-referential development to homeless simulators.  It makes sense in context.
  • Tim Cain gives a postmortem on Fallout, sharing the dirt on how the now famous post-apocalyptic RPG almost never saw the light of day.  Short answer: blame Windows NT.  Watch the whole thing if you can, it’s enlightening stuff.
  • Two men make more or less the same complaints about Japanese games, with vastly different levels of tact (and authority), I suggest the big picture might be a bit more complicated, and more!

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What Happened This Week – Cherry-Picking San Francisco’s Facebook Page

Hey, glad you could make it! Gather around as we take What Happened This Week into its second month! Let me just grab my newsman robe and wizard hat here… there we go. As a heads up, I’ll be away from my computer for a few days next week, so that installment might be a day late. I’ll do my best to avoid a delay, however.

In any case, here are this week’s headlines:

  • Cliff Bleszinski gives a speech at GDC, gets selective coverage for maximum outrage; hooray, gaming journalism!
  • European customs seizes PS3s over LG and Sony patent bickering, presumably so customs agents can have their own Killzone 3 tournament.
  • Visit GeoHot’s page, get your IP tracked by Sony.  There’s a meme generator image in this somewhere.
  • John Romero, Rupert Murdoch to throw their hats in the Facebook gaming ring.  One of these men is to be taken seriously.
  • PC gaming did well in 2010, or at least it made a lot of money.  That’s the same thing, right?
  • Catherine is announced for US release and Homefront should stick to advertising by way of taco trucks.

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