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Latest Harvest Moon Coming to North America, Sans Title

XSEED Games announced they will be localizing the latest Harvest Moon title – Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi, or Story of Seasons – for a North American release. As Natsume, who previously managed localization for the series, still holds the rights to the Harvest Moon name, XSEED will be shortening the name to Story of Seasons.

Story of Seasons will release in North America later this year.

Source: Gematsu

Harvest Moon: The Lost Vall Listed on Distributor Website

Video Products Distributors has listed Harvest Moon: The Lost Vall for the 3DS in North America, with the release date marked as October 7. While this may be a localization of an existing Harvest Moon title – possibly Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi – no title by that name has been formally announced yet.

Source: Gematsu

Harvest Moon: Linking the New World Announced

The next entry in the Harvest Moon series has been announced. Harvest Moon: Linking the New World hits the 3DS in February in Japan, priced at 5040 yen.

Source: Gematsu

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Confirmed for Europe

European 3DS owners looking for their farming fix need wait no longer… than a few more months. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, which launched last year in both Japan and (later) the US, will see a European launch in the third quarter of 2013.

Source: Gematsu

Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns — Staff Review

The Harvest Moon franchise has been running for fifteen years and the key to its continuing popularity is its ability to tweak its formula with each new addition to the series. While Tale of Two Towns shares most of its game engine and graphics with last year’s DS iteration, Grand Bazaar, it adds a new twist to the series by forcing the player to choose to focus on either growing crops or raising animals.

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What Happened This Week – It’s Not Different At All, Is It Steve?!

I miss Dr. Weird.

What’s happening, everybody?  Hope you’re braced for the coming week, what with Witcher 2 and New Vegas DLC coming up.  In the meantime, let us discuss the many interesting things that have happened since last Sunday:

  • The Economist speculates on a possible tech/internet bubble, driven by overconfident investors and unproven business models.  And here we thought time travel was impossible.
  • Microsoft pays $Texas for Skype.  Learn at, Why would they buy a largely free VOIP service as a tech bubble is being built?  Why, indeed.
  • PSN is finally back up, bringing the catastrophic train wreck to at least partial closure.  Which means we can now focus on Sony’s harmless and entertaining train wrecks.
  • Eidos and Deus Ex: Human Revolution websites get hacked.  Hey, hackers, that’s not funny.  Deus Ex has been delayed enough.
  • Square Enix has a rough week, owing in part to Final Fantasy XIV‘s amazingly poor launch condition. Really now, are high-res catgirls and magic midgets that hard to deliver?
  • The National Endowment for the Arts classifies games as art, thus solving all problems with the games industry forever.
  • Call of Duty vs. Battlefield at launch, the US Navy makes an anti-piracy MMO, the Harvest Moon folk join up with some weird colleagues, and much more!

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Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar – Staff Review

The Harvest Moon series boasts of a long history that hardly requires introduction. While detractors will likely only groan at yet another DS iteration, fans of the series will be tickled by the tweaks to the Harvest Moon formula that make Grand Bazaar a fresh experience.
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Free-to-Play Harvest Moon Hits Japanese MMO Market

This past week, Harvest Moon got a dose of online multiplayer in Japan.  Marvelous Entertainment, creators of the farming sim series, launched a free-to-play MMO dubbed Harvest Moon With Everyone.  Players will be responsible for building their own farms, and gain experience for completing tasks to that end, but can also visit other farms to help out with chores and such.

As is common for the model, the base game carries no charge, but players can spend money to buy premium items.  Presently the game is only in Japanese, and no plans have been announced to translate the game for English players.

Source: 1UP

Mass Media 08/25/10

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Mass Media vos Qwib-Qwib 08/18/10

Mass Media 07/02/10

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Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar Out in July

Title says it all. Natsume just announced that the DS-bound Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is set for a July release, with the game expected to show for the first time at E3 in June. In addition to the usual raising animals and harvesting crops to build up their town, players are tasked with running a store and selling items raised from their farms. The game will have a multiplayer mode, allowing players to trade items between each other.

As with prior Harvest Moon games, Grand Bazaar comes with a preorder bonus in the form of a plush horse when ordered through GameStop.

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Not So Mass Media 02/14/10

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Harvest Moon: Leaf Valley Coming to PSP

Natsume announced over the weekend that Harvest Moon: Leaf Valley will be released for the PlayStation Portable this April. In Leaf Valley, players are charged with helping the townspeople stop the Funland Corporation from bulldozing the title village and replacing it with an amusement park. Basically, it’s “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo” but with farming instead of Ice-T.

Leaf Valley is set to retail for $29.99. An exact release date has not been announced.

Harvest Moon: My Little Shop Out Now on WiiWare

Although not likely to feature singing man-eating plants, Harvest Moon: My Little Shop is available today on WiiWare. Selling for 1200 WiiBucks, the game centers around a shop and farm the player inherits from their grandparents, using what they grow at the farm to sell at the shop. Clearly, a game for those interested in seizing the means of production without involving antique political theory or those pesky Bolsheviks.

Mass Media 11/20/09

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Mass Media 11/11/09

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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Hits the Wii This November

Natsume’s upcoming Harvest Moon: Animal Parade now has a release date of November 10, retailing at $49.99 US. Players who preorder through Gamestop will receive a bonus “limited edition” plush duck.

Mass Media 10/17/09