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Mass Media 01-10-15

Mass Effect Trilogy Launches on PS3 in December

With the Mass Effect Trilogy already available for 360 and PC, BioWare has revealed a date of December 4 for the bundle to hit the PS3 in North America. The European release will follow on December 7.

DLC-wise, the PS3 version will include Bring Down the Sky, Kasumi, Overlord, and Lair of the Shadow Broker. Mass Effect 3 will remain as it shipped, with the Extended Cut still free for download separately.

Source: Eurogamer

Mass Effect Trilogy Announced

BioWare has just announced a collection of the Mass Effect trilogy, covering all three games for all systems. This includes the original Mass Effect for PlayStation 3, which will also be released separately as a digital download. The box sets will include a limited selection of DLC, though the choice of content may differ based on platform; it is known that add-ons like Lair of the Shadow Broker (ME2) and Leviathan will not be among them. While the Trilogy Edition will not have an option for a Female Shepard cover, the official Mass Effect Twitter did mention it had “a little something special planned for FemShep coming.”

PC and 360 versions go live on November 6 in North America, with the PS3’s date still unknown.

Source: Eurogamer

New Mass Effect Comic Details the Illusive Man’s Backstory

A man of enduring mystery and glowing robot eyes, Mass Effect 2‘s Illusive Man is largely a question mark voiced by Martin Sheen.  Come this January, however, Dark Horse plans to flesh out his origins in a four-part miniseries dubbed Mass Effect: Evolution, courtesy of the team behind the popular Mass Effect: Redemption. Continue reading ‘New Mass Effect Comic Details the Illusive Man’s Backstory’ »

Even More Mass Effect 2 Details: New Game Plus is a Go

Just in time to officially call it a Christmas miracle, BioWare’s Chris Priestly unveiled more information about Mass Effect 2 and character import data. In particular: Continue reading ‘Even More Mass Effect 2 Details: New Game Plus is a Go’ »

Mass Effect 2: Adept Redux and Save Import Details

In a recent interview, BioWare’s Christina Norman unveiled a few more tidbits about Mass Effect 2, especially as pertains to biotics in general and the Adept class in particular. Bullet points under the clip: Continue reading ‘Mass Effect 2: Adept Redux and Save Import Details’ »

The Importance of Being Complete

One of the things we’ve been discussing behind the scenes here lately is the fact that a number of video game review websites (we won’t name names) have been posting more reviews for games that the reviewers haven’t actually completed. The average reader may not know this, but some of the major websites, particularly those who cover all genres, don’t always finish the games they review. This is understandable in some cases because of time constraints, the volume of their coverage, or the fact that with some genres, there really isn’t an ending (such as MMORPGs and certain simulation and puzzle games, which instead have hour requirements). But games that have actual endings — RPGs in particular — require completion. What’s disheartening is that smaller websites, whether they target a genre or a specific gamer demographic, are doing this too.

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Bioware Launches Pinnacle Station

Bioware has finally released more DLC for Mass Effect. Entitled Pinnacle Station, this download adds a remote top-secret Alliance space station to your own Mass Effect universe. This station is home to a battle simulator that rewards the strongest with special armor and weapons, and since the area can be accessed at a fairly early point in the game, players can enjoy the benefits throughout the game. Bioware has promised that Pinnacle Station will add an extra 2-3 hours of playtime to Mass Effect, and it can be yours for 400 Microsoft points or $5.

Game Changers: Volume 19 – Mass Effect

To be a game changer, a game doesn’t necessarily have to introduce a revolutionary change in gameplay, graphics, or interaction. Sometimes, all it takes to make an impact on the development of RPGs is to turn to one of the most basic impulses of human life: sexuality. Mass Effect wasn’t the first game to include sexuality, but it certainly went farther than most had before.
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Mass Effect 2 Impression

Contains minor Mass Effect 2 spoilers.

Though I was not able to actually play Mass Effect 2, I attended the closed showing of the game. Casey Hudson from Bioware headed the presentation, and it completely blew me away. Continue reading ‘Mass Effect 2 Impression’ »

Researchers on Mars Discover Mass Effect on the iPhone

Not content to just release a sequel to the popular Mass Effect and make gobs of money, Electronic Arts and Bioware are working on an iPhone-based animated entry into their sci-fi series. Debuting on the iPhone, Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story will deliver “top-down, arcade-style space combat” to the small screen. Continue reading ‘Researchers on Mars Discover Mass Effect on the iPhone’ »

Mass Effect Now More Massive

It looks like those who’ve yet to pick up Mass Effect, the sci-fi RPG for the Xbox 360, will have some extra incentive to do so. Bioware will be releasing a two-disc edition of the game that will include Bring Down the Sky, the DLC previously released on Xbox Live and later on PC. GameStop has listed it for $19.99 with a February 10 release.


Source: IGN

Microsoft Slashes Prices

Not content to merely lower the price of the Xbox 360 to as little as $199.99, with the fall comes a special discount on Xbox Live Marketplace downloadable content. Until the end of October, several RPGs will see reduced prices for extras.

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BioWare Announces the Sky Is Falling…. On Your PC

BioWare announced today that the Mass Effect expansion “Bring Down the Sky” is now available for the PC version of the game — and for free no less. “Bring Down the Sky” is the first of several expected downloadable expansions for Mass Effect and was previously released for the Xbox 360 version of the game. It promises ninety minutes of gameplay as well as an original soundtrack. The plot sees Commander Shepard faced with a group of alien extremists who have managed to set a mobile space station on a collision course with the nearby colony of Terra Nova.

“Bring Down the Sky” is available in several languages including English, Spanish, Italian, and German. For instructions on how to download the expansion, see here.

Mass Effect: Now in PC Flavor!

Ports are very often a point of contention among fans. An inferior port can leave would-be fans in the cold when it arrives on another platform, while one that’s clearly better or has a ton of extra features can earn the scorn of its established base. They can be resource intensive, requiring considerable recoding to transfer from one set of hardware to another, or to reconfigure controls. They’re risky, too – expensive gambles that the gaming public liked the game enough, or heard enough positive press the first time, that they’d be willing to buy it en masse again. To this atmosphere we have Mass Effect for the PC, a surprisingly positive example of how porting can improve the final product without changing the core experience. Continue reading ‘Mass Effect: Now in PC Flavor!’ »

X360 Japan RPG Presser: More RPG goodness than you can shake a power brick at

As is supposedly common knowledge, the Xbox 360 has a dearth of RPG titles available for it. Sure there’s Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Culdcept Saga… ok, maybe not a dearth. Still, it could always use more! To that end, Square Enix, Namco-Bandai Games, and Microsoft announced quite a few interesting bits at the surely well-populated Microsoft Japan RPG Press Event, held, well, about an hour ago. Continue reading ‘X360 Japan RPG Presser: More RPG goodness than you can shake a power brick at’ »

NPCast 02 – THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO (Mass Effect)

So in between beating up insane hobos in Condemned 2 and watching countless variants of Caramelldansen, I managed to finish up Mass Effect.  I felt inspired (read: contractually obligated) to give my two cents in parallel to Cortney’s review of same.  After attempting feebly to review the whole thing in a faux-foppish English gentleman’s voice, I gave up and went off into some tangent on how games should and should not start.  Mass Effect provides an interesting case study of the latter.  Observe!
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Mass Effect – Staff Review

Right from the beginning, Mass Effect presents itself as an epic RPG with a lush opening movie, some intriguing character development, and a sci-fi story that piques your interest. But then you’re dropped on a colony under attack, and suddenly there are genocidal robots with guns trying to blast you right off the miserable planet you’re desperately trying to save. That’s when you know that Mass Effect is also a no-nonsense shooter.
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Editorial – Ignorance is Massively Effective at Boosting Blog Hits

If you’ve been following game news lately, you’ll know that Kevin McCullough is the latest non-gamer to take aim at our hobby and prove that he can really miss the mark when it comes to understanding what we do. Continue reading ‘Editorial – Ignorance is Massively Effective at Boosting Blog Hits’ »