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Pokemon Bank Launch Day Announced

Nintendo announced it will launch the Pokemon Bank, a downloadable service for Pokemon X/Y, on the 3DS eShop starting December 27. The application helps players to manage their Pokemon inventories, storing up to 3000 of the critters and facilitating trades between players; players can also transfer Pokemon from the Black/White series using the Poke Transporter, a feature linked to the Bank.

The service will carry a $4.99 fee per year. Users who download the app by January 31 will get a free 30-day trial.

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More Pokemon X and Y Information

The steady drip of Pokemon X/Y information continues, with new details on starter and mega evolutions, new Pokemon, and the Pokemon Global Link. Of particular note are the following. Continue reading ‘More Pokemon X and Y Information’ »

New Pokemon X/Y Details Emerge

Nintendo has released additional details for their upcoming license to print money, Pokemon X and Y. Namely, the game will feature a new form of evolution for Pokemon during battle. The tellingly named “Mega Evolution” will alter the Pokemon’s appearance, increase their stats, and may add new abilities or change their type, though this is only applicable during battle. For instance, Mega Ampharos gains the Dragon type in addition to its existing Electric type, while Mega Mawile gains the ability “Huge Power.”

Additionally, players can put their Pokemon through Super Training outside of combat. These training regimens take the form of minigames, controlled via the touch screen, which allow them to increase their base stats and underlying values. Conversely, Core Training sets up training bags for Pokemon to practice on, which they can do on their own or with the player’s guidance.

New Pokemon were also introduced: Dedenne, an Electric- and Fairy-type that emits radio waves from its antenna-shaped whiskers; Bunnelby, a Normal-type that somehow uses its large ears to dig and as weapons; and Skiddo, a Grass-type that evolves into Gogoat and can carry people on its back.

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More Pokemon X and Y Details: Legendary Types and New Pokemon

Nintendo has released more information about Pokemon X and Y, particularly about certain Legendary types and some of the new additions: Continue reading ‘More Pokemon X and Y Details: Legendary Types and New Pokemon’ »

Nintendo Releasing Pokemon X/Y-Themed 3DS XLs in Japan

To celebrate the upcoming release of Pokemon X and Y, Nintendo will be releasing special edition 3DS XLs: “Xerneas and Yveltal Blue” and “Premium Gold”, each to the tune of 22,800 yen. Naturally, they’ll come with the download version of the game included, along with a 4gig memory card and other standard pack-ins. These will be released alongside the game starting October 12, though no North American release has been confirmed.

Nintendo has confirmed that they will be releasing two very awesome looking Pokemon themed 3DS XL units in Japan to go along with the release of Pokemon X & Y in October. These special editions will be exclusive to Pokemon Centers in Japan. No word on whether they will release in the west.

The systems come with a 4GB SD card and a copy of Pokemon X or Y. It isn’t clear if these are digital copies or physical but I’d imagine digital.

These 3DS XL units will retail for 22,000 Yen or $220. Hopefully Nintendo announces that these systems are coming to the US/Europe in tomorrow’s GameMite news on Nintendo Direct.

And, well, the Nintendo Switch has proved to be so popular that Nintendo has had to double the production run on the new console to keep up with demand, with gamers falling over themselves to get their hands on the system and play 10/10 titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

Of course, with the Nintendo Switch now settled into its lifespan, joined by the Nintendo Switch Lite, and granted access to a wide selection of awesome games (and even more great games on the way in 2020), now could be the perfect time for those interested in the Switch to pick one up if they haven’t already. And, if that is the case, then T3’s detailed Switch review here is resource for you.

Best Nintendo Switch games
Nintendo Switch news and updates
If you want a quick takeaway from this Nintendo Switch hardware review, though, then this is it – Nintendo Switch is an innovative, stylish and fun video game console. It has a premium look and feel, attractive price point and offers both a home console and portable handheld experience in one slick package.

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Mass Media 07/07/13

Pokemon X and Y Coming in October

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon X and Y will launch for the 3DS on October 12. Shortly afterward, Nintendo plans to use the proceeds gold-plate their corporate headquarters, render it spaceworthy, and relocate to the moon.

Well, that’s what I would do.

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Nintendo Unveils New Pokemon X and Y Details

Further details have emerged about Pokemon X and Y. In particular, four new Pokemon have been confirmed: Continue reading ‘Nintendo Unveils New Pokemon X and Y Details’ »

Late Night Mass Media 01/20/13

Never take a nap at eight at night. Continue reading ‘Late Night Mass Media 01/20/13’ »

Pokemon X and Y Push Series Across 700 Pokemon Threshold

Pokemon X/Y will, as is customary, include a slew of new Pokemon to capture and force to fight to the death. While the exact amount was unspecified, a press release confirmed it would up the current count from 649 to over 700.

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Mass Media 01/12/13

The 49ers have made me $25 richer. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 01/12/13’ »

Pokemon to Go 3D(S) With Pokemon X and Y

Nintendo has announced Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, which will at last bring the series into the third dimension on the 3DS. Via trailer, we have an idea of which starter Pokemon will be added, along with a worldwide release window of October.

Check said trailer for yourself over on YouTube. Yes, it still prints money.