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Star Ocean: The Last Hope International – Staff Review

Fourteen years ago, developer tri-Ace released Star Ocean for the Super Famicom. Touting “Space is an ocean of stars” as a tagline, it achieved a cult following among RPG fans and put the dev on the map. Many years, several releases and ports later, we arrive at a re-release of the fourth installment, Star Ocean: The Last Hope International, which delivers an experience largely in line with the rest of the series. Continue reading ‘Star Ocean: The Last Hope International – Staff Review’ »

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Goes International

Square Enix has announced via Weekly Famitsu that Star Ocean: The Last Hope is coming to the PS3 in Japan. Now called Star Ocean: The Last Hope International, it includes both English and Japanese voice tracks, multiple subtitles for event scenes, updated menus, and the ability to switch targets in battle by pressing start.

The game is set to be released on February 4 of next year. A North American release, if any, has yet to be announced.

Source: IGN

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Remake Goes Mobile

Like just about every other classic series under the Square Enix umbrella, the remake of Star Ocean: Blue Sphere is headed for mobile phones.  It will be available for download in Japan on June 8.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere was originally released on the Game Boy Color system, and the remake has shiny updated graphics. The original game never made it to North America, and there’s no word on whether this remake will either.

Source: Siliconera

Europe Gets Extra Shiny Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Square Enix announced today (now yesterday in Europe) that it will be releasing a limited edition of Star Ocean: The Last Hope in PAL territories. The special package includes a game soundtrack compilation CD, five character cards, and a mini-guide — all in a fancy box. Both versions will arrive in Europe on June 5.

NPCast 09 – Spoiler Ocean

Howdy-o, people. With Second Evolution and Last Hope safely behind me, I feel I’ve sufficiently distanced myself from both titles to calmly and rationally tear one of them to pieces. Which one? That would be telling. (It’s Last Hope.) Take a listen, and let us all see how biases form and express themselves. Extreme spoilers beyond this point: you have been warned. Continue reading ‘NPCast 09 – Spoiler Ocean’ »

Star Ocean: Second Evolution – Staff Review

Nostalgia is powerful. It can help keep memories of games long gone, but also color those memories one way or another. Maybe that old game really was as good as you remember, or maybe when you pick it back up again it’s just not going to do it for you. With the PSP release of Star Ocean: Second Evolution, fans, foes, and newcomers alike will get the chance to test one of Tri-Ace’s older titles and see which way they really roll. Calling Second Evolution a remake is a bit of a stretch, but several convenience tweaks, quality voice acting, and a vastly improved script make it a far more accessible and enjoyable title than its Playstation predecessor. Continue reading ‘Star Ocean: Second Evolution – Staff Review’ »

Star Ocean: The Last Hope – Staff Review

Sometimes you have to take a step back to keep going forward, or so Tri-Ace would have players believe with Star Ocean: The Last Hope. The latest entry in one of their signature series, Last Hope is a precursor to the first Star Ocean and deals with mankind’s first forays into uncharted space in search of a world capable of sustaining human life. While the overall gameplay has taken clear strides for the better, the package is underscored by a series of minor to major nuisances — not the least of which being a story prone to ridiculous plot twists — leaving it less a series reboot and more one missed opportunity after another. Continue reading ‘Star Ocean: The Last Hope – Staff Review’ »

Second Week in a Row, Lots of RPGs Hit Shelves Simultaneously

If last week didn’t break your wallet with all the games hitting at the same time, this one might. Square Enix is bringing Star Ocean: The Last Hope for 360 and The Last Remnant for PC. They retail for 59.99 and 39.99 respectively. If the retail scene isn’t for you, The Last Remnant will also be available on Steam starting April 9.

The DS will be getting a lot of action as well. Atlus ships Legacy of Ys: Books 1 & 2 for 34.99, and all launch copies come with a free soundtrack. Blue Dragon Plus from Ignition will hit shelves for 29.99. Last but not least, D3’s Puzzle Quest Galactrix is now available for 29.99

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart – 02/18/09

Got some rare things for you today, strangah.  In this update: Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, Shining Force Feather, Dragon Quest IX, Phantom Brave Wii, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart – 02/18/09’ »

NPCast 08 – Anecdotal Questions

Once upon a time, there was a rock radio station that, shall we say, presided over my heart – a role that would only be matched by one John Henry Eden a decade later. The station’s life, and death, had a profound impact on how I view the entertainment industry, and has led to a pair of questions about the things I enjoy. As usual, these aren’t questions I know how to answer, but I think they’re important nonetheless. Join me, won’t you? Continue reading ‘NPCast 08 – Anecdotal Questions’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork – 02/11/09

In today’s update: Blue Dragon: Behemoth of the Otherworld, Disgaea DS, Dragon Quest IX, Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope, and Suikoden Tierkreis.

Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork – 02/11/09’ »

Europe Gets Last Hope, North America Gets Black Sigil

We have a trickle of news today. Square Enix has announced that PAL territories will be getting Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the Xbox 360 sometime this spring. It’s also been confirmed that Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled for the Nintendo DS will be headed to North American retailers on March 17. The SNES-era inspired game been keeping under the radar of late, but those who are curious can find some screenshots and trailers on Graffiti Entertainment’s website.

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 01/21/09

In today’s update: Shining Force Feather, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, Disgaea 2 Portable, Suikoden Tierkreis, Dragon Quest V, From the Abyss, Star Ocean Second Evolution, Super Robot Taisen K, .hack//Link, Blazer Drive, and Fragile. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 01/21/09’ »

Star Ocean: Second Evolution Warps to North American Shelves Today

PSP-owning Star Ocean fans can rejoice; Star Ocean: Second Evolution heads to shelves today. The game features a new 16:9 aspect ratio, new fully-voiced anime cut scenes, and a refined battle system. All this can be yours for $39.99.

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 01/15/09

In today’s update: Mimana Iyar Chronicle, Valkyria Chronicle, Sacred Blaze, Mario and Luigi 3, Blue Dragon: Behemonth of the Otherworld, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Little King’s Story, Star Ocean Second Evolution, and Fable 2: Knothole Island. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 01/15/09’ »

Friday the Thirteenth Lucky Day for PAL Gamers

A couple more RPGs have been dated for PAL territories. The PS3 version of Eternal Sonata and Star Ocean: Second Evolution for the PSP will hit European shelves on February 13, 2009– a Friday no less!


Source: Gamekyo

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Crosses Ocean of Water in February

Star Ocean: The Last Hope, the first game in the series to be on the Xbox 360, will hit North American shelves on February 24.

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 01/07/09

In today’s update: Dungeons and Dam, Disgaea 3, Disagea 2 PSP, Phantom Brave Wii, 7th Dragon, Blazer Drive, Demon’s Soul, Phantasy Star Zero, Ragnarok Online DS, Sacred Blaze, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Summon Night X Tears Crown, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, Tales of Hearts, and Dragon Quest IX. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 01/07/09’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart – 12/15/08

In this update: Blood of Bahamut, Arc Rise Fantasia, White Knight Chronicles, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and Shining Force Feather. Also… more corn! Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart – 12/15/08’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork 12/08/08

Got some more pics and art fresh out of the oven. In this edition: Chocobo and the Magic Storybook: The Witch and the Girl and the Five Heroes, Devil Survivor, Sacred Blaze, Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope, and Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2. Take a gander. Take two, they’re free. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork 12/08/08’ »