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Mass Media 01-10-15

Bandai Namco Vita Release Dates: Tales of Hearts R, Sword Art Online, One Piece

Bandai Namco has set the release dates for several of its upcoming Vita titles in both Europe and North America. One Piece: Unlimited World Red, already available in Europe, hits North America starting July 14 (GameStop exclusive retail, with the digital release on the 15th). Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment launches digitally on August 19 in North America, and on August 20 in Europe. Lastly, Tales of Hearts R reaches North America on November 11, followed by the European release on the 14th.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 05-16-14

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Tales of Hearts R Confirmed for NA, EU

Bandai Namco has confirmed that Tales of Hearts R, the Vita remake of Tales of Hearts, will launch outside of Japan this winter. In North America, the title will be retail-exclusive to GameStop and also available digitally, while details about the European release have not been given at this time.

Source: Gematsu

Tales of Hearts R Coming to NA, EU

Tales of Hearts R, the PS Vita redux of Tales of Hearts, has been confirmed by Bandai Namco for a western release. For North America, the title will be retail exclusive for GameStop and also available digitally via the PlayStation Store. European availability is awaiting clarification at this time. The title is set for a winter launch this year.

Source: Gematsu

Tales of Hearts R Heads for iOS

Tales of Hearts R, the Vita remake of Tales of Hearts, is now available on iOS, though currently in Japan only. For the game’s release week, the price has been set at 1800 yen; after October 15, it will climb to 3800 yen.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 03/03/13

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Late Night Mass Media 01/20/13

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Tales of Hearts R Hits Japanese Vitas in March

As the title says, Tales of Hearts R will launch on the PSVita in Japan starting March 7, 2013. Retail price is set at 6,480 yen, or 5,830 yen for the download version.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 11/24/12

Tales of Hearts R Vita Announced

Namco Bandai’s next Tales escapade comes in the form of Tales of Hearts R, a Vita remake set for a Spring 2013 release in Japan. As is customary, the remake will include new events, full voice acting, and Calcedoni as a new party member.

For the curious, the official site is now live and located here.