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Mass Media 01-17-15

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FuRyu Reveals The Legend of Legacy’s Trading System

The Legend of Legacy will feature a trading system, allowing players to send a ship from the home city to do business with other cities. Small, medium, and large ships may be dispatched to trade elsewhere, and will return home with various goods of their own; the larger the ship, the better the haul. This feature is also supports StreetPass.

The 3DS RPG launches in Japan on January 22.

Source: Gematsu

Legend of Legacy Details: Battle System and Equipment

A Famitsu preview for The Legend of Legacy has unveiled a few pieces of information regarding the game’s battle and equipment systems. Specifically, the seven player characters are free to equip any weapon type – sword and shield, greatsword, axe, spear, staff, or bow – each with its own unique basic attack. Formations can be set up and switched out on the fly, allowing party members to change combat roles as needed.

The Legend of Legacy hits the 3DS in Japan on January 22.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 10-24-14

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Legend of Legacy World, Characters, Staff Detailed

Following the recent announcement of The Legend of Legacy, FuRyu has launched the game’s official website, revealing more information about the game’s world and characters. Continue reading ‘Legend of Legacy World, Characters, Staff Detailed’ »

FuRyu Reveals 3DS RPG The Legend of Legacy

Developer FuRyu has announced a 3DS RPG in development, titled The Legend of Legacy. Players will form a party out of seven characters and explore the legendary island of Avalon, though few story details are known at this time.

Legend of Legacy is planned for a January 22 launch in Japan, priced at 5908 yen. A teaser site for the game is available here.

Source: Gematsu