Lonesome Road, Weapon Pack DLCs Announced for New Vegas

Straight from Bethesda’s official blog comes the release date for the final planned DLC for Fallout New Vegas. Lonesome Road will go live on all platforms starting September 20, taking players into the storm-wracked Divide in search of the original Courier Six and long-awaited answers.

Bethesda also announced add-on weapon and equipment packs, to be released the following week on the 27th. The Courier’s Stash gives players access to content bundles previously limited to pre-order bonuses: Caravan, Mercenary, Classic, and Tribal Packs, each with their own sets of gear. Gun Runner’s Arsenal throws in several unique weapons, mods, ammo types, and crafting recipes. Courier’s Stash is priced at 160 MS funbucks/$1.99 on PSN and Steam, while the Arsenal costs 320 MSP/$3.99.

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