More Final Fantasy XV Details

As the road trip to save the world nears launch date, Famitsu revealed some more information about the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

  • The current engine version is 1.4, with the final version of the game planned for 2.0. The engine runs roughly five million polygons per frame, with each character taking up to 100,000 polygons to render.
  • Battles against physically large enemies are handled similarly to smaller fights, though some party co-op actions are limited to the larger foes.
  • Several minigames, such as fishing, will be included.
  • Town NPCs will have their own AI.
  • Summon beasts must be fought (and presumably beaten) before Noctis can summon them.
  • Restalm, a major town for the first half of the game, is styled in the image of the Bahamas.
  • Cindy, the previously-identified mechanic, shows up throughout the game.
  • MP fuels special actions, like dodging and warping. Curiously, it is not consumed by magic; the game also makes no use of an FFVIII-style draw system.
  • Multiple weapons are equipped simultaneously, with one active weapon at a time. This can be switched during combat.
  • Some abilities are tied to a weapon category, and some weapons have no abilities at all.
  • The battle system for the demo will be fully featured.
  • Players can rent chocobos.
  • Cooking ingredients can be bought in towns and found off monsters. These ingredients provide bonuses, though the types of bonuses were not specified.

Final Fantasy XV is planned for a PS4 and Xbox One launch. A release period has not been announced.

Source: Gematsu

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