Sword Art Online: Lost Song Gets Detailed

Bandai Namco has put forward more information about the upcoming Sword Art Online: Lost Song‘s plot, characters, and online play.

The story centers around Kirito and company dealings with the Shamrock guild. Said guild includes a number of veteran players, most prominent of which is a genius professor and MIT alumni, Sharvin Nanairo, who is conducting research on virtual communities. This encounter provides the spark for the group’s latest adventure.

So far, three new characters have been introduced. Seven is the professor’s avatar, a sprightly Pooka girl that mirrors her offline appearance. Rein, a Leprechaun character, is a mysterious girl that seemingly follows the group around for reasons of her own. Lastly, Sumeragi, an Undine swordsman, is the de facto leader of Shamrock, and serves as Seven’s bodyguard.

As for playing online, the title allows up to 16 players to log into the tavern lobby, from which parties of four can head out on quests. Sword Art Online: Lost Song launches in Japan on March 26.

Source: Gematsu

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