Makai Shin Trillion Detailed

Care of Dengeki PlayStation comes a handful of details for Makai Shin Trillion, the upcoming PS Vita RPG from Compile Heart.

In particular, players are repeatedly put up against a villain named Trillion, who appropriately enough has a one trillion HP bar that must be whittled down throughout the game. He and his cohorts fight the heroes over territory, and the party must deny Trillion’s advance while dealing as much damage as possible, retreating only if necessary. Falling back forfeits territory to him, and it’s game over if he reaches your inner sanctum.

Off the battlefield, you raise a handful of demon lords to fill out your party, earning memory points while training them up that can be spent later in battle. Demon lords also have access to flunkies called booster devils, and can pull off a Dying Skill if they’re close to death; this seals their fate but can cause massive damage or even permanently block Trillion from certain skills.

Makai Shin Trillion is planned for a 2015 launch in Japan.

Source: Gematsu

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