Persona 5 Details Revealed

The first batches of Persona 5 information have been released, most of which center around thematic and basic gameplay elements. Details are bulleted below:

  • The plot follows a second-year high school student who recently moved to the big city. Unspecified mysterious events cause the city to be enveloped in darkness, and for the protagonist to gain his persona.
  • Said persona is named Arsene, and appears to be exclusive to him.
  • There’s a recurring theme of burglary and theft, including in Arsene’s appearance; whether this means Arsene is a reference to Arsene Lupin, the well-known fictional thief, is not specified.
  • The protagonist is staying at a cafe owned by his parents’ friends, which serves as a hideout of sorts for him and his friends.
  • Social Links are confirmed, along with student life and calendar/weather systems.
  • Combat remains turn-based, with features like all-out attacks and exploiting enemy weaknesses.
  • Players are able to avoid encounters by sneaking.
  • Characters wear masks during dungeon sequences, likely as part of the theft motif.
  • Shoji Meguro is composing the soundtrack, which consists of acid jazz.

Source: Gematsu

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