Japan Combines Every RPG Ever, Forms Voltron, Taunts English Speakers With Cross Edge

Japan is that country that brought us the idea that several big robots could combine to make a giant robot. Compile Heart’s Agarest Senki staff has taken the idea and applied it to RPGs to form Cross Edge, a PS3 collaboration between Capcom, Namco Bandai, Nippon Ichi, Idea Factory, Gust, and Compile Heart. The team from Compile Heart responsible for Agarest Senki is leading the development. So far, the following games and characters have been announced:

Capcom : Dark Stalkers
Morrigan – Felicia – Demitri
Namco Bandai : Ar Tonelico
Aurica- Misha – Shurelia
Nippon Ichi : Disgaea
Etna – Prinny
Idea Factory : Spectral Souls
Gust : Mana Khemia 2, Marie’s Atelier
Lilia – Rose – Marie

Two original characters have been announced. The hero and heroine are Kannagi Yuuto and Aiba Mikoto respectively.

The plot begins with one of the characters waking up in a strange world along with several other characters that do not belong. This world exists and evolves by devouring the souls of other worlds. Those realms whose soul is unlucky enough to be devoured cease to exist if nothing is done to stop it.

So far, two worlds have been announced. The first is the Underworld, and it will feature characters from Disgaea and Dark Stalkers. The other world is the Dreamworld, which consists of souls from Ar Tonelico and Marie’s Atelier. It is up to the player to free the souls trapped in the wrong worlds and set things straight.

Characters are alloted action points (AP) and can attack during their turn repeatedly until all their AP is depleted. Attacks can be chained to form combos for extra damage. As the player saves more souls, female characters also gain the ability to obtain forms which can be equipped to increase stats and abilities.

The game is currently approximately 70% complete and is set for release in Japan in September. Games like these have never had much luck coming to North America for reasons including licensing issues. Considering that nearly all the source material announced thus far has seen North American release, it is not out of the realm of possibility that it will see our shores, but until a formal announcement is made, any chances of this game leaving Japan are still slim and are purely speculation.

Source: PS3 Forums

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