Rune Factory Farms Wii

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Marvelous Interactive has announced that the next Rune Factory will be coming out on the Nintendo Wii. The two previous installments of this Harvest Moon spinoff appeared on the Nintendo DS, and the first was released in North America in 2007. The new game, Rune Factory Frontier will feature 3-D graphics and allow players the choice of 16×9 or 4×3 output mode.

The series’ third iteration seems to feature a couple of familiar faces: Laguna and Myst of the original DS game. In Frontier players take on the role of Laguna who is beginning life in a new land. He will have to improve his village and land, attract new residents to the area, and of course, in classic Harvest Moon style, find a girl to woo and wed.

Rune Factory Frontier is due out later this year in Japan. There’s no word yet as to whether it will see North American release.

Source: IGN

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