The Final Frontier… on your DS

Sega has revealed more information today on Infinite Space, the title formerly known as Infinite Line.  Helmed by PlatinumGames (a group of former SEEDS developers of Capcom fame), producer Atsushi Inaba and director Hifumi Kouno bring us a high science fiction story, centered around the space-faring adventures of Yuri, a young crewman who journeys the galactic frontier.  Yuri slowly moves up the ranks to become the captain of his own starship.

Over 150 blueprints can be used to build and customize starships of all shapes and sizes, to be used to amass an armada to explore the galaxy.  There are over 200 possible crewmen to recruit to keep the ships in, well, shipshape order.

Infinite Space is based on Arthur C. Clarke’s novella Childhood’s End.  Sega will be releasing the game in 2009 to both eastern and western audiences.

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