Ar tonelico 2 Bound for North America

NISA has confirmed via press release that more diving, singing, and sword-swinging action will be coming to North American PS2s this December.

Ar tonelico 2 features the same simulation role-playing gameplay as its predecessor, but with some additions. Players will still be able to dive into their Reyvateil’s subconscious to develop her as a character and access new types of song magic. Now, songs can be powered up by creating Replakia, which are replicas of Reyvateils. Furthermore, if two Reyvateils are emotionally synchronized, their song magic becomes stronger.

The story of Ar tonelico 2 is set in Metafalss near Infel Piria, the second Tower and the representation of the Goddess Frelia. Croix, a knight, is sent by the Church of Pastalia on a mission to contain a devastating epidemic that is killing Reyvateils. This mission will become far more complex and mysterious before it comes to an end.

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