What Not to Expect for Fallout 3 on PS3

With Fallout 3 looming on the horizon, some small details have been circulating about what the 360 version will have that the PS3 will lack.

It has already been announced that the 360 version would get exclusive downloadable content, but Bethesda has elaborated on what form it will take. “We want stuff that’s going to be several hours. Not just like a one-off thing, but something like where you can download it and play it for X number of hours. It’ll be similar to what we did with Knights of the Nine in Oblivion, where it’s like whole new quest lines, new stuff, that kind of thing.”

It will, of course, all feature achievements, so those wondering if the PS3 will have equivalent trophy support, Bethesda’s answer was grim. “Not at launch…It remains to be seen what we do down the road. It wasn’t something we were able to incorporate into the game for launch.”

Source: Kotaku

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