Good Things Comes in Fours… From Level-5

Level-5 has certainly been keeping busy. In the latest issue of Famitsu the developer announced not one, not two, but four upcoming RPGs, divided between the PSP and Nintendo DS.

For Ninokuni for the Nintendo DS, Level-5 has teamed up with Studio Ghibli who will be handling all of the game’s animation. In celebration of Level-5’s tenth anniversary, Ninokuni will come with the “Magic Master” book that the protagonist possesses in the game and will need to consult. There are also plans for a console version of the game, though the system has not yet been decided.

Inazuma Eleven, Level-5’s quirky soccer RPG, will be getting a DS sequel. There aren’t many details available at present except that an new alien school team will make an appearance.

The PSP will be getting Cardboard Senki, wherein players take on the role of robot by the name of LBX, a robot (as the game’s name suggests) made out of cardboard. What does he do when it rains, you ask? There’s no answer so far, but LBX can purchase upgrade over the course of the game, so perhaps he can get some waterproofing added.

Also for the PSP is Ushiro, Japanese for ‘behind.’ The game is a horror RPG featuring a “shinigami,” a Japanese personification of death or a death god. As the shinigami, players will possess individuals and experience their lives.

All four games are expected out in Japan sometime in 2009.

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