Atlus Announces My World, My Way for DS

Not to be outdone by mod-friendly RPG companies, Atlus has announced the upcoming release of My World, My Way for the Nintendo DS. With the typical role-playing tropes laid on the table, the hook for this title seems to be that the main character, Elise, can effectively remake the world as she sees fit. Quote: “In My World, My Way, I can change the landscape when it doesn’t suit me, make monsters give me more money, and always take the first turn in battle. I can also make enemies go away if I don’t feel like fighting, shut down their magic abilities, and even make quests solve themselves.”

We’ll be waiting to see if she can add a zombie apocalypse mod from within the game, which is scientifically proven – with science, no less – to make every game better. My World, My Way is slated for a February 2009 release.

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