Mother 3, Zelda Minish Cap Confirmed for Virtual Console, DSi Ware

Nintendo announced that GBA games will join the Virtual Console and be available for download on the DSi Ware service. The first games will include Mother 3 and The Legend of Zelda: the Minish Cap. The games are slated for release in summer for Japan with a North American release currently scheduled for Q3. The price point for GBA games will be 1200 Wii/DSi Points.


  1. Angel0886:

    Now that’s just mean. Of all the news stories posted today, this one is the one I wish was true.

    …not that I’ve even finished the version of M3 I have yet anyway… >.>

  2. Jordan "J_Sensei" Jackson:

    I write the stories *I* wish were true. I’d give almost anything for any of them to not be things that I sat around writing up while giggling like an evil schoolgirl last night.

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