Ys Seven Hypes Its Party, Invites New Characters

Falcom Japan has already announced that they have plans for some new and interesting things for Ys Seven, the newest installment of their flagship series, Ys.  Now they have finally divulged some details on the biggest addition: the party system.  Up to three different characters can be in  the party at any one time, one of which will be player-controlled.  The other two will operate on AI.  Players will be able to switch between controlling any one of the three characters at any time.  With the addition of party members comes the addition of different kinds of attacks.  Each character’s weapon will specialize in either slicing, striking or piercing attacks.  Accordingly, enemies will be weaker or stronger to these different attacks.

Along with the party details comes the introduction of three new sub-characters who will be key players in Adel’s journey.  First is Kymarl, the wise king of Altago.  Hearing rumors of Adel’s adventures, he does what’s within his considerable power to help Adel out.  Also introduced are Elk’s grandmother Fatima and Mustafa’s ailing younger sister Crshe.  The official site says she is the victim of fevers, but it seems obvious the poor girl also has a vowel problem.

Ys Seven is due out on the PSP in Japan on September 17.

Source:  Dengeki

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