Rune Factory 3 Gets Details; Pumpkins Inhale, Everyone Dies

More details have emerged about the upcoming Rune Factory 3, namely about some of the game’s heroines and creative uses for horticulture. Special seeds, called Active Seeds, grow immediately into something useful, like a pumpkin that sucks in enemies and does damage, or a leaf that can cross bodies of water. Additionally, the cast now includes an elven blacksmith, a girl named Chocola with a predictable love of food, and perhaps the world’s first witch-nurse. Apparently, the need for a healthy resume is truly universal.

Preorders for Rune Factory 3, set to release on October 22, will receive several bonuses, including an artbook, manga, and radio drama CD. Gaming icon Kirby has given no comment as to a possible patent infringement suit over the pumpkin-inhaling-damage thing.

Source: Siliconera

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