Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment Cast Revealed

Konami has just released details about several main characters for the upcoming Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment. The story centers on two kingdoms at war, with the protagonist and his friends caught in the middle and presumably trying to make things less bad. Along the way, a lot of enemies are killed so brutally that blood jets out of their bodies in massive, physics-defying fountains. Anyway, here is the cast so far:

Tobias Martin: A war orphan turned street punk turned church ward, Tobias is the archetypal main character who thinks he knows right from wrong.

Luce Valenci: A war orphan turned knight, Luce’s a once-stellar soldier who’s had better moments in her career. Reportedly standoffish and uptight.

Altyria Jono: A bookwormish farm girl, Altyria is separated from her friends and family by the war, and “must learn new ways to survive.” Odds are low that it involves duct-taping a flamethrower to a pulse rifle and going into an alien hive after a little girl.

Connor Ganson: Street criminal, con artist, and one of Tobias’ oldest friends, Connor parted ways with Tobias over the whole ‘joining the church’ thing and he hasn’t been seen since.

Calvin Atrias: Tobias’ younger friend in the church, Calvin is a timid and socially inept fellow who tends to stay well behind friendly lines.

Gren Silas: Luce’s right-hand man, which most definitely does not come off. Gren’s the strong, silent type, loyal only to Luce, and supposedly no one has seen his face. Except Luce, in all likelihood. So, almost no one.

Daldren Grey: The Kingdom of Balastrade’s greatest war hero, Daldren’s a veteran soldier with few peers, and one of the most respected men still on active duty.

Kelbrun Hale: The bandit chief of the “Fist of Enkidu” gang, Kelbrun’s an ex-soldier who was kicked out for raiding a defenseless village. For some reason, his group has grown larger and better armed recently.

Shance Aya: Shance heads a group of bounty hunters known as the Hellhounds, with a reputation for being infallible. She reportedly tilts between ‘jolly’ and ‘psychotically bloodthirsty.’

Source: Gaming Angels

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