Square Enix Unveils NeiR Gestalt Sibling Title NeiR RepliCant

In preparation for the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix has let the world know that recently announced Xbox 360 title NeiR Gestalt has a sibling: NeiR RepliCant for the PS3.  Like NeiR Gestalt, NeiR RepliCant is being developed by Cavia, and is due out sometime next year.  Unlike NeiR Gestalt, we actually have some story details for NeiR RepliCant.  The game will take place in the distant future, in a world on the verge of collapse.  Main character Neir leaves on a journey to find a cure for the deadly plague that has infected his sister.  During his travels he will have to deal with sealed scrolls, demonic powers and cursed monsters.  At the end, he may just find out some of the truth behind his world.

Source: Famitsu

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