More Dragon Age Details: Elven Desperado and Evil Forest

Fantasy just can’t get away from elves, as a rule, and Dragon Age: Origins is no exception. The latest video from Bioware depicts the elven mercenary Zevran, a talented swordsman who inexplicably sounds like Antonio Banderas. The video depicts an encounter in which Zevran, coated in blood and lying on the ground, gives the lowdown on his occupation and signs on with the group; presumably in the aftermath of some battle, as blood splatters also cover the hero and some of his entourage. The trailer can be found here.

Bioware also revealed another in-game region known as the Korcari Wilds: a cold, ominous forest far from civilization, where superstitious locals speak of witches stealing their children and rely on the guidance of tribal shamans. A short video on Bioware’s website elaborates, suggesting that something called the Dark Spawn have infested the area.

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