Birth By Sleep: Now With More Disney, Multiplayer Mode

Famitsu has reported additional Disney Worlds for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. This time, we’ll see more of Neverland — specifically Peter Pan’s group of Lost Boys — and Captain Hook will return with another scheme. Neverland was featured in the first Kingdom Hearts game, but it was limited to the clock tower and Captain Hook’s ship. Birth By Sleep will also take players to Snow White’s world where they will meet the Seven Dwarfs and her wicked stepmother.

The game also introduces a new special attack called Shoot Lock. Players can hold down L1 and R1 to activate it, then move about with the D-pad and use the circle button to lock on to a target and unleash a special attack.

Famitsu also revealed that Birth By Sleep will include an ad-hoc multiplayer mode in an area called the Mirage Arena. Players can win all sorts of fancy items there and use them in the main game.

Source: Famitsu

Translation: Adrienne Beck


  1. Der Jermeister:

    Cinderella had a wicked stepmother, not Snow White 😛

  2. Cortney "Alethea" Stone:

    Um, no. Cinderella did have a wicked stepmother, but the Queen was Snow White’s stepmother too. The wicked stepmother thing is a fairy tale trope.

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