Dragon Age Getting DLC Content At Launch

Time was, companies waited a few months before releasing expansion content, usually to the tune of $29.99 and with a few new monsters/maps/weapons to hold players over until the sequel rolled around. Breaking the mold they used not long ago with Mass Effect, Bioware have announced its downloadable expansions for Dragon Age: Origins will be available on release day.

Apart from the previously announced Stone Prisoner add-on, Bioware also revealed a new content pack. The latest announced DLC, entitled Warden’s Keep, adds a dungeon-based quest area ostensibly used by the Grey Wardens, a central faction to Dragon Age‘s story. New items and abilities will be present as well, though they have not been detailed. Warden’s Keep will be available for 560 Microsoft funbucks – around $7 – and a comparable price on the Playstation Store. Stone Prisoner will be free for all preorders and new retail or digital purchases, otherwise costing 1200 MSP ($15).

Dragon Age: Origins will be released in North America for PC and 360 on November 3, with a European release to follow on November 6 and a PS3 launch later that month.

Source: Gamespot

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