Famitsu Reveals Ar tonelico 3

This week’s issue of Famitsu offered the first look at Gust’s upcoming RPG Ar tonelico 3, which will be released in Japan for the PS3 on January 28, 2010.

Ar tonelico 3 is set on Ar Ciel’s third tower, Sol Clusta, which is dominated by Reyvateils as a ruling class. Previous games in the series portrayed the Reyvateils as tools to be used for gain or as equal partners with humans, so this is a shift for the series.  Per the series’ formula, the male protagonist Aoto will be caught between two lovely Reyvateils: Finnelle, a ditzy pureblood Reyvateil, and Saki, who has been on the run for several years after escaping from the laboratory in which she was created.

Creating stronger song magic for combat use through the Dive system will still be a key part of the game. The Reyvateils have alternate personalities, and Aoto can encounter these other personalities through Diving and eventually bring them out by strengthening his bond with the girls. Players can use something called the RAH system to assemble pieces of songs into different kinds of songs.

Source: PlayStation Universe Forums via PS3News

Partial Translation: Adrienne Beck

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