Dragon Age Takes Players Back to Ostagar Next Week

BioWare has announced that Return to Ostagar, the upcoming DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, will be available for purchase January 5. As the title suggests, the content revolves around the old fortress of Ostagar, where the Grey Wardens joined with Ferelden’s king to stand against the darkspawn blight. Do note there are possible spoilers for players who haven’t cleared Ostagar.

In Dragon Age, players are brought to Ostagar shortly after their respective origin stories, though the area soon became inaccessible due to said battle. The content adds a survivor who seeks you out and pleads for assistance after you reach the village of Lothering.

Return to Ostagar will be available for all platforms, costing roughly $5, or 400 Microsoft or BioWare funbucks. Further details can be found through BioWare’s website.

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