BioWare Temporarily Withdraws Latest DLC, Prepares Full-On Expansion

The Return to Ostagar content for Dragon Age: Origins has been temporarily removed from the game’s download list due to an ongoing technical issue. According to BioWare’s Chris Priestly via the BioWare forums, a title update for the 360 version caused class specializations to function incorrectly. Until more information is available or a fix has been provided, players are advised to not download the content if they have not already done so.

However, BioWare also announced that Dragon Age will be receiving a full-fledged expansion come March 16. Entitled Awakening, the expansion will immediately follow the events of the game as the player takes command of the Ferelden chapter of the Grey Wardens. It has been confirmed that players can import their characters from Dragon Age, or roll one up from scratch.

Further details on Awakening can be found on the official website.

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