New Mass Effect 2 DLC: I’m Scared, Shepard. Will I Dream?

The downloadable content machine rolls on.  Next up for Mass Effect 2 is a multi-mission storyline dubbed Overlord, which apparently involves battling through a laboratory and other facilities in an attempt to shut down an enemy AI; on the Normandy this is known as “Tuesday.”

According to the official website’s description, Overlord follows an investigation of a Cerberus facility gone dark, likely working outside the boundaries of Space-OSHA.  Experiments involving the Geth predictably lead to tragedy, and specifically the creation of a dangerous hybrid of virtual intelligence and a human volunteer; the so-called “VI Overlord.”  Price is currently set for 560 MS/PS3 funbucks, though a release date has not yet been announced.

Further information can be found on the Mass Effect 2 website.

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