Further Valkyria Chronicles 3 Details Explained, Trailer Revealed

More information about the PSP-bound Valkyria Chronicles 3 has been released, among which are juicy gameplay details and a trailer. 

Classes are as they were in the previous game – Scout, Shocktrooper, Engineer, Lancer, Armored Soldier – but units can now change classes by changing equipped weapons.  Additionally, experience is now distributed to five parameters amongst your entire squad, rather than individual units.  Characters also have access to both trainable and unique (often plot-relevant) skills, called Battle Potentials, with a learning system called the Master Table covering the trainable ones.

Some special abilities were also given specifics.  Frontman Kurt Irving’s Direct Command, for instance, lets him move around without depleting the action point gauge and renders his allies invulnerable.  Reila Marcellis has her Valkyria form, which can damage even heavily armored tanks.  Sega also released details about two more characters: Felix, a soldier who was reassigned after filing a complaint against his officer; and Valerie, a historian investigating an event called the Darcsen Calamity.

Lastly, the trailer was launched both on a special section of the official site and via Youtube.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 is set for a January 27 release in Japan.  A US release has not been announced.

Source and translation: andriasang

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